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AudioVitamins update Stochas to v1.1.2 - Record MIDI input and more

Audio Vitamins

AudioVitamins has announced that Stochas has undergone its first major update.

The v1.1 update includes:

  • Recording - Stochas can now record MIDI notes received, from any MIDI controller or from another MIDI track.
  • Horizontal scroll - Easier editing when working with grid lengths greater than 16 steps.
  • Automation - Control the layer options from your DAW or where possible an external controller, great for live playback and changing of parameters 4. Playback indicator - Visual indication of which notes Stochas has played.
  • Undo - A single undo level to help catch unwanted deletes and layer / pattern clears.
  • Mute All option - mute all layers with a single click 7. Better beat grid line indication - minor change to default colour schemes.

In this video Dave from Audio Vitamins runs through the latest features and how to use the new record feature: YouTube.com/watch?v=brD1f5jidSM



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