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Aurora DSP releases Rhino Guitar Plug-in

Aurora DSP

Aurora DSP has released the Rhino, a guitar plugin that features four different preamps:

  1. Red is the most versatile of them - focused on clean and crunchy tones, when boosted it will deliver crunchy and fat sound.
  2. Yellow has a wide range of pleasant tube distortion, suitable for modern rock tones.
  3. Blue module is what you're looking for in terms of a hi-gain beast. Heavy bottom with punchy mids that will glue your mix.
  4. Purple is the most midrange focused and aggressive of the four. It's great for cutting leads.

Rhino also has a pedal board:

  • Scream - based on the most recognizable guitar effect of all time, it will do exactly what you expect and even more, because it gives you a lot more headroom than you expect.
  • Amps are too muddy for your 8 string axe? Brute is here to deliver 23 dB of boost with tweakable bass and trebles. With it you can turn even the Red channel into a high gain monster.
  • Fuzz - coming in two modes. A great tool for dirt seekers and noisemakers. Crank it up to create a wall of distortion.
  • Push - everyone likes compressors, especially the ones that help your signal maintain desired dynamics.

You can mix all of them in parallel.

Rhino delivers a powerful bundle of tools, beginning with an adjustable input section all the way to Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Echo, Reverb and even a convolution reverb stocked with custom Aurora IRs. An expandable graphic EQ will make your tone mix-ready and the Matching EQ will push your sound.

Cabinets / Power amp section
A Four-IR mixer is equipped with custom IR packs prepared specially for Rhino. You can load your own IRs, regulate the power amp response using the Hot, Presence and Resonance knobs, and fine-tune your sound with the power amp characteristic switch.

Intro Price: USD $49 until May 31st, 2021 (Reg. $99).

A 14-day Free Trial is available.



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