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AutoTonic Modal MIDI Transposer updated to v1.10


AutoTonic has updated AutoTonic - Modal MIDI Transposer, its scientific scales & chords realtime processor, to v1.10. The latest update includes even more sophisticated routing options as well as a monophonic mode, a delay option for triggering chords instantly (allows instant chord & scale switching) and several other improvements.


  • MULTI mode for Headers -> when "MULTI" is ON then Headers will listen to all MIDI channels Ch.#1–16, no matter what channel currently is selected at the input filter method.
  • OMNI/FILTER/THRU -> signal path improvements, will route signals on their according MIDI channels more accurately now (includes MIDI CC, Aftertouch, Channel Pressure etc, now), bug-fixes.
  • MONOPHONIC/POLYPHONIC (MONO/POLY mode) new input method that allows only one note to be active at a time, can be especially useful when used in combination with chord stackings for more accurate triggerings.
  • DELAY feature for offsetting incoming note signals by milliseconds, which is especially useful when using 'control instances' for automatic chord triggerings -> so Header switchings can be triggered before the actual incoming note press
    • DELAY can be set from 0-999 ms.
    • ALT+click on DELAY will reset value to "0".
    • use click-drag or double-click for numerical entry.
    • when POWER=Off both, black and white keys are delayed.
  • New output routing methods:
    • CH.# - current selected output channel.
    • ALL - sends to Ch.#1-16 simultaneously.
    • AUTO - sends to the corresponding MIDI channel automatically.
  • PANIC feature
    • left click on PANIC sends Note Off signals on 0-127 on selected CH.#.
    • ALT+click on PANIC sends Note Off signals 0-127 to ALL 1-16 MID channels.
  • New Shortcut: ALT+click on input/output scrollwheel:
    • @input: resets filter method to "1-OMNI" (filter method "OMNI" with scrollwheel set to Ch.#1).
    • @output: resets filter method to "AUTO-1" (filter method "AUTO" with scrollwheel set to Ch.#1).
  • SYNC function.
  • Performance improvements.
  • UI changes.

AutoTonic starts at $29 and the update is free to all existing users.

Watch the Update VLOG: YouTube.com/watch?v=dl0rpLymlFs



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