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Back In Time Records launches TSL: TSW Pro sample libraries (+updates TSW & VOX'd)

Back In Time Records

Back In Time Records has announced the release of TSL, a new series of sample libraries for Back In Time Records' Wusik engined VST instrument, The Second Wave Pro (TSW Pro). Version 2.0 updates for TSW Pro and VOX'd are also available.

Each TSL library considers a specific instruments group, sounds, musical style or production type. You can add a TSL library like all other SoundSets into individual folders, or you can spread them into several folders. This is a user-definable SoundSet organization system. Usually the SoundSets are already "the sounds" and by using the new TSL Preset Templates you can create your personal Preset in seconds. Of course you can assign the SoundSets to any of the existing 900+ TSW Pro Presets too for layers and Wavesequences. All this makes the handling of additional SoundSets easy. Many instruments are provided in true stereo recorded versions with left and right channels.

The following products are available now, as downloads (optional CD), and are compatible with all ws-engine VST instruments from TSW Pro to Wusikstation and ManyOne.

Orchestral Strings (€69.00 / $89.00)

Recorded in Germany with an experienced ensemble and conductor and captured with high tech recording equipment. Carefully edited and mapped. Economic Mb size sound design for quick data load and low CPU usage. 270 Mb, stereo and mono multi-samples: Marcato, Arco, Spiccato, Pizzicato, several performance articulations. Plus a set of orchestral percussions like Tubular Bells and rolling Snare.

Ethnic & Folk Instruments (€69.00 / $89.00)

A wide range of world instruments: Buzouki, Mandolin, various Woodwinds, Didgeridoo, Alphorn, Calimbe, Bagpipe, Bluesharp, Banjo, Harp, Ney, Oriental Orchestra, Panflute, Zither and many more. Including a huge collection of percussion instruments with hits, flams, loops and phrases. Performed by skilled and virtous musicians and recorded in highend recording studios. Mono and stereo instruments, total size 690 Mb.

Big Bang – Modern Drums and Percussion (€29.00 / $37.00)

1200+ Drums and Percussion instruments. Ready-to-use kits as well as sorted libraries: Kicks, snares, toms, cymbals, vintage drum machines, latin percussion, india percussion, physical modeling percussion, synthetic percussion effects created with analog and digital synthesizers, filter zaps, vinyl fx, tuned percussion.

Score Tools TSL Edition (€59.00 / $75.00)

Evolving soundscenes created with real orchestra, acoustic instruments and synthesizers and effect processors. From short one-shot FX to long XXL ambient scenes up to 60 seconds and more. Stereo and mono recording. Perfect for everything about film sound, computer animation, new age, trance, commercials as well as for intro and interlude parts for pop and rock music styles. 370 Mb.

Vintage String Ensembles Plus (€39.00 / $49.00)

All those great analog String Ensembles from the Seventies. They're all here, the Crumar Performer, the Solina, the Hohner String Melody, the Lambda and the Trident, Mellotron M400, S330 and more. Carefully sampled and mapped over the entire keyboard. The "Plus" in the product name is the additional synth strings like those from the Jupiter 8 as well as the later VS, Z1, Virus, Morpheus, OB8, MKS30 and MKS80, VL1 and all the powerful "padisizers". 300 Mb of great legendary stringers plus some more from the 80s and 90s.

The Prepared Piano (€19.00 / $25.00)

BITR modified two different Grand Pianos, a Schimmel CO256 Concert Orchestra and Yamaha C7. They got extra metal strips, chains, rubber inside to provide totally dramatic and weird tones. Then they hit the keys, scraped the strings, bowed and striked them with several tools. The result is a 200 Mb collection of extreme sounds. Some are one shot and sound effects, others are even multi-samples to play them all over the keyboard. Many of them are stereo too. The tone length varies from pretty short to up to 30 seconds and longer.

Also available now

The new TSL Preset Templates for TSW Pro, TSW and vox'd VSTs. There are 57 Preset Templates considering the usual sound characters like Grand Piano, Strings, Lead Synth etc.: The TSL Preset Templates are typical basic settings for different timbre characters with pre-programmed Envelope, Filter, Effects etc. The only difference to a regular Preset is that a TSL Preset Template uses no SoundSet. The Preset Template is the entire frame of the Preset and you can choose the SoundSet. This is a very quick method to create your own Preset, even if you never before programmed a sample based synthesizer.

The TSL Preset Template are available in the formats fxb, bnk and PRST and two PDF docs with the category organized and alphabetical listings are included.

How it works:

  • Choose your favourite Preset Template and load it.
  • Assign a SoundSet
  • Rename and save the Preset – done.

The new 57 TSL Preset Templates are exclusively for TSW Pro, TSW and vox'd owners as a free of charge update. The TSL Preset Templates are included now with the TSL products and TSW Pro VST, TSW VST and vox'd VST. All existing customers can request them as free of charge update.

TSW Pro VST V2 update

This is a sample related update for TSW Pro. 80+ Mb of instrument multi-samples. Acoustic Guitar, Hammond B3, CP70 Electric Grand Piano, Jazz Bass, Muted Trumpet, String Ensemble, Slap Bass, Rhodes MKII and more.

Vox'd VST V2 update

This is a sample related update for vox'd VST. 25+ Mb of human voices, choirs and vocal sound effects including vocoder, human percussion and formant fx.



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