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Musikmesse 2017Best Service announces Eduardo Tarilonte Ancient Era Persia and Sonuscore The Orchestra

Best Service

Best Service has announced forthcoming releases of Ancient Era Persia by Eduardo Tarilonte and The Orchestra by Sonuscore.

Ancient Era Persia by Eduardo Tarilonte (€ 259.-)
A wonderful collection of sounds from the sands of time

Continuing the essence of Era Medieval Legends, Ancient Era Persia brings you the sounds and the spirit of ancient times and forgotten places from the middle east: Ancient Era Persia is a collection of 28 unique instruments, all totally playable. Special attention to detail was taken regarding pristine sound quality and articulations to allow you to make your own melodies in a truly authentic way.

The Orchestra by Sonuscore (€ 399.-)
Puts the sound of a complete European session orchestra at your fingertips

Instead of going for the polished Hollywood-sound, Sonuscore took a more direct approach, leaving the samples sound as real and edgy as possible. In a light-weight and no nonsense approach, all important articulations are made available to you in a streamlined and efficient virtual instrument. All sections are recorded in one room and designed to sound together out of the box without a lot of effort in mixing.

With the Ensemble-Engine, The Orchestra provides a vast number of inspiring orchestral colors and rhythms for you to discover.






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