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BetabugsAudio releases FLOFIdeluxe


BETABUGSaudio has released FLOFIdeluxe, which they describe as a "pitchdestroyingfrequencyshapeshiftinggraintool", so if you've ever needed one of those your prayers have been answered!

FloFi combines a filter with an octave pitch shift algorithm. The filtered signal runs through the pitch shift, at which time it may be further altered. This signal is then added back to the original, for effects ranging from a subtle livening of dead sources, to trashy thrash.

FloFi has 5 controls:

  • FREQ - The source frequency that will be shifted up by an octave.
  • WIDTH - The width of the frequency band being shifted.
  • BOOST - The amount of level boost applied to the pitched signal. A limiter works to prevent unmusical digital distortion.
  • DETUNE - The signal being shifted can be detuned by approximately +/- 2.5 semitones.
  • MIX - The amount of the pitch-shifted and altered signal to be mixed back into the original.


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