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BIAS updates Peak to v6.0.4 and SoundSoap Pro to v1.2.1


BIAS has updated Peak (Pro & LE) to v6.0.4 and SoundSoap Pro to v1.2.1.

Issues resolved in Peak Pro v6.0.4:

  • Add support for transferring recordings from iProRecorder via WiFi.
  • Fixed a problem where CD-TEXT in a DDP fileset containing accented characters could have those characters missing on discs produced from that DDP fileset.
  • Fixed a problem in which Playlist output could contain a burst of noise (i.e., in bounced files or burned audio CDs).
  • Fixed a problem in which saving Broadcast WAV dual mono assets could hang Peak.
  • Fixed a problem where Peak could hang after clicking the Continue button when dismissing an FTP transfer error during podcast publishing.
  • Fixed a problem where Peak could get stuck in a loop when simultaneously auditioning in the Playlist and double-clicking in the Audio Document Overview.
  • Fixed a problem where choosing certain ImpulseVerb Impulses could result in an error dialog being displayed.
  • Fixed a problem in the Playlist, where reordering Regions that contain cross-fades could result in break point envelopes not being reset properly, and Pauses being inserted between reordered events.
  • Fixed a problem where Peak could crash while trying to create a new Playlist.
  • Fixed a problem where files selected in Finder's column view and also open in Peak cannot be saved.
  • Fixed a problem in the Japanese localized version of Peak, where the Auto-Adjust Bounce for Latency Item was missing from the Options menu.
  • Fixed a problem where scrubbing would not loop properly if output volume was lowered.

New in SoundSoap Pro v1.2.1:

  • Scroll-wheel mouse control of knobs, sliders, and numerical fields.

Fixes in SoundSoap Pro v1.2.1:

  • Improved efficiency for better general performance.
  • Knobs are now rotated using a vertical gesture instead of circular.
  • Fixed a spectogram redraw problem in the RTAS version.
  • Improved rendering times in Vegas 5.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking could occur upon audio playback when used in Vegas 5.0.
  • Improved default broadband noise learning characteristics.
  • Fixed a problem where graphic redraws in Wavelab could be very slow on a low-end PC.
  • Fixed a problem where SoundSoap Pro's user interface activity could stop when the mouse button was held down on the user interface of the host program.
  • Fixed a graphics problem that could occur when other floating interface windows moved over the SoundSoap Pro user interface.
  • Fixed a problem where Broadband Threshold sliders are not clickable after learning noise on a silent section of an audio asset.
  • Fixed a problem where latency was not being compensated in Nuendo 2.
  • Fixed a problem where SoundSoap Pro would only learn noise from the left channel.
  • Fixed a problem in the RTAS/AS edition, where loading SoundSoap Pro after the HASP authorization key has been removed and reinserted could cause a crash.
  • Fixed a problem in the VST edition, where controls would not respond in some hosts.
  • Fixed a problem where SoundSoap Pro could cause Master Perfection Suite plug-ins to fail scan on some hosts.
  • Fixed a problem where SoundSoap Pro would not install on Windows XP 64 Edition.
  • Clarified error messages that are presented when a SoundSoap Pro process fails.
  • Enhanced edit field behavior – double clicking in editable fields now selects entire field.
  • Fixed a problem in the RTAS/AS edition where the CPU could spike when playback is stopped.
  • Fixed a problem where hiding and showing SoundSoap Pro would show the Launch Tab – instead of the last tab selected.
  • Improved granularity of movement on knobs and Broadband noise reduction sliders when controlled with a mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a problem where "Saving As" in SoundForge 9 could display an error message.
  • Fixed a problem where non-admin users could Authorize and Deauthorize SoundSoap Pro (and other BIAS products).


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