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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.1.2


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.1.2.

Improved in Bitwig Studio 2.1.2:

  • Changing buffersize of Jack on the fly (e.g using jack_bufsize command) does not update the buffer size of the audio engine.

Fixed in Bitwig Studio 2.1.2:

  • Engine crash when calling pluginHostCrashed on a plug-in which was already removed from document.
  • Crash in Keyboard + 8 Device Knobs (CC 20-27) script.
  • Internal routings to sub channels are not preserved copying a group track to another project, or saving to the browser, or when using copy and paste.
  • Modulating the note echo can result in exceeded velocity range.
  • Crash when dropping note one pixel above the highest note editor key.
  • After hiding all columns in Popup Browser, there is no way to get them back.
  • Plugin-host scanned plug-ins as VST3 if the path contained the string "vst3" anywhere. (so including /vst32/).
  • Sustain pedal was read wrong when imported from MIDI files.
  • App crashes on startup on Ubuntu 17.04 when using 4.10.0-24 kernel but works on 4.10.0-22 kernel.
  • Audio waveform renders incorrectly when dragging a time selection on arranger.
  • Devices inside deactivated group don't re-activate.
  • If output track of group is deactivated by navigating inside the group it is no longer possible to reactivate it once you've navigated out of the group.
  • Deactivated groups in saved project didn't reactivate sends when reactivated.
  • App does not start on certain windows machines if certain registry keys are missing.
  • Regression since 2.0: stretching audio events at their left margin leads to unexpected results when event ends before sample end.
  • PDC graph error in 2.1.1.
  • Slicing raw audio may create sample resources with negative sample start locators.
  • Snapping to onsets does not work for raw audio events.


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