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Brainspawn updates Forte - Live Performance Workstation to v3.0.47


Brainspawn has updated its Live Performance Workstation, Forte, to version 3.0.47.

This maintenance update contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed a performance problem when pressing OK on scene manager with many scenes.
  • Fixed a problem where a newly cloned and modified scene would lose the modifications such as scene name.
  • Fixed a problem where SceneView2 was showing song title headers in left list in an inconsistent manner.
  • Added a task progress dialog box to scene processing after pressing OK on scene manager for better user feedback of scene processing.
  • Fix for deadlock hang on scene change with VST bus insert.
  • Fixed crash loading rack with no ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed a crash on exit from scene manager.
  • Added SceneView 2 option to show scene descriptions (disabled by default).
  • Fixed User Plugin Presets.
  • Stop and restart audio around Capture Scene.
  • Added a new plugin troubleshooting feature to aid in diagnosing crashes caused by plugins on scene change or rack load. Documented in User Help Troubleshooting section SingleStepVSTPluginLoad.
  • Fixed a problem where the advanced channel routing grid could enable MIDI ports that were disabled.
  • Preserve audio engine state (on/off) during MIDI panic.
  • Fix a problem where repeated rack loads could result in error message that maximum number of buses or instruments was exceeded.
  • Fixed problem where it was possible to corrupt the SceneView2 set list with mouse drag.
  • Added example styles for the "next:" scene hint label.
  • Fixed problem where you couldn't delete scene description in the scene manager.


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