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Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.0.116 and EHCo to v2.0.1


Brainspawn has released updates for Forte (v2.0.116) and EHCo (v2.0.1).

The following enhancements and fixes are included:

  • NEW - EHCo can now output MIDI directly back into Forte as a Virtual MIDI Input to enable specialized MIDI commands on scene change.
  • NEW - Enabled use of Virtual MIDI Inputs from plugins to automate tempo, transport, and scene changes.
  • NEW - Added a new diagnostic display in the Tools menu that counts audio dropouts.
  • NEW - Added a new "Rehearsal Mode" which prompts the user on each scene change to minimize cases where scenes could be modified and the results lost before they were saved.
  • Fixed a problem where too many NOTE OFF messages could be emitted for multiple identical NOTE ONs. Only one is necessary.
  • Increases the speed of rack loads for some large rack files.
  • Fixed several problems that could cause control surfaces to not function correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI sync port was not restored correctly from a saved rack file.
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI key range training did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where MIDI filter CC init values were not correctly shown in some situations.


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