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µC Kuper releases Version 1.1.3 of Midi~Kuper - Live Performance App for Windows

µC Kuper

µC Kuper has released an update to MIDI~Kuper that includes significant enhancements for live performance in addition to minor bug fixes.

In addition to the sequential mode of stepping through song scenes in Performance mode, version 1.1.3 now lets the user select song scenes at random using touch buttons on the Performance Control Strip.

µC Kuper has also added touch buttons for DAW control so a user can use click and backing tracks controlled from the same interface that manages your MIDI gear. With these enhancement, a performer can have more flexibility and control over the active synths and sounds while playing a free-form piece.

µC Kuper has also added velocity layering controls in the Scene Construction view, so that a user can create multiple velocity layers using different synths. Velocity layering is a technique that generates sounds from multiple patches on a synth, depending on how hard the player hits the keys. A velocity layer can add a sound to a layer as well as to remove sounds based on how hard they are played.

Midi~Kuper has a 30 day, fully functional trial period, comes with a comprehensive 70-page user manual, and video tutorials are available online. Online support is free to all users and consultation services are available for users with complex live setups.



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