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Cakewalk by BandLab version 2020.09 now available


Cakewalk recently released Cakewalk by BandLab (CbB) version 2020.09.

The 2020.09 release is a stability update in keeping with Cakewalk's goal of making CbB as reliable and enjoyable as possible.

2020.09 Highlights


  • Automatic Picture Cache management.
  • On startup, Cakewalk now auto detects when the wave picture cache is full and will self delete the oldest files to make room for new files. No user intervention is required.
  • For efficiency, picture cache management is only done at startup time.
  • The Max size of picture cache has been raised to 10000 MB.

In-app updater:

  • You can now download and install future updates directly from Cakewalk instead of using BandLab Assistant.
  • Select Help > Check for Updates to check if an update is available. An Update Available toast notification appears if an update is available.
  • Click Download Now to download the update in the background. You may continue using the application while downloading. Download progress will be displayed via a toast message.
  • Updates are downloaded to a Cakewalk subfolder in your local Downloads folder.
  • When the download is complete, click Install Now to install the update. You will be prompted to save your work and exit the app to allow the installer to run.

Cakewalk 2020.08 Highlights

In addition to workflow enhancements and bug fixes, the following new features are introduced in the 2020.08 release:

  • Multiple Arranger tracks.
  • Arranger section types.
  • Arranger templates.
  • Show and edit MIDI automation on Instrument tracks.
  • Enhanced 'Instrument Track Per Audio Output'.
  • Workspace enhancements.
  • Classic Creative Suite audio effects.
  • Channel Tools plug-in.
  • New FX Chain presets.
  • Export to Standard MIDI File.
  • Misc. changes.

Bug fixes:

  • Control surface settings are not being saved when a surface is disabled or the surface UI dialog is closed.
  • Save As dialog ignores custom typed paths for Project Path and Audio Path.
  • Arranger-related menus may appear incorrectly with multi-monitor configurations.
  • Changing Picture Cache to high values would cause waveforms to stop drawing. Picture cache sizes > 2GB now work properly. The max size for PicCacheMB in Aud.ini has been increased to 10000 MB.
  • Picture cache is now automatically managed and will self delete the oldest files when the size limit is reached.
  • Mojibake (garbage text) occurs when using Unicode multibyte characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) on OS that differs from the selected CbB language.
  • Cakewalk now uses UTF-8 encoding by default for all text strings, including track name, clips names, Lane descriptions, Arranger sections, Notes Browser, Lyrics view, etc.
  • Legacy projects not saved with UTF-8 will continue to open correctly in 2020.09 and higher.
  • Projects saved with multibyte characters from 2020.09 and higher can now be opened on any OS, retaining the original Unicode characters.
  • Crash starting playback in project when the picture cache is full.
  • Crash when inserting multiple instrument tracks with no tracks enabled.
  • Closing a 3rd party plug-in UI can crash the application by sending WM_QUIT message.
  • Crash when deleting an Arranger section selection twice.
  • Crash inserting Per-Output Instrument tracks when Auto Track Zoom & Show Synth Properties are enabled.
  • Insert Soft Synth Options should disable Track Number options for First/All synth output options.
  • Arranger Section Rename intermittently becomes stuck.
  • Clip crops unexpectedly on Undo of Apply Region Tempo.
  • The Synth Rack and plug-in views are not opened when inserting an instrument via the Add Track menu. It will now follow the default as specified in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog.
  • Record Arm/Virtual Controller toggle fail to enable when adding Instrument Track per Output from Add Track menu.
  • Add Track menu does not activate Enable MIDI Output for Synths by default. It will now follow the default as specified in the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog.
  • Mouse Wheel not scrolling the Control Bar.
  • Option to decouple global Snap to Grid from the Staff view with UseGlobalSnapForStaffView=0 Cakewalk.ini setting.
  • Long patch names fail to display in Event List view. DATA1 and DATA3 column widths have increased, and text truncates to the column width.
  • Correct Chinese translation for "Rename Clip".

For current and previous release notes, visit bandlab.com/products/cakewalk/whats-new



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