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Cherry Audio releases DCO-106 Virtual Polyphonic Synthesizer - VST, AU & AAX

Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio has announced the release of DCO-106, the newest instrument in Cherry Audio's expanding product line.

DCO-106 is a virtual polyphonic synthesizer precisely modelling every aspect of the beloved classic Juno-106 synthesizer, from its characteristic self-oscillating filter, to its dreamy chorus effect.

Cherry Audio says:

The classic design has been expanded with new, contemporary features, and we've packed it full of of over 330 presets, including all of the original Juno-106 factory presets. With an inspiring, vintage sound, and a jaw-dropping low price ($25), the DCO-106 is a powerhouse virtual instrument from a company with a passion for vintage synthesizers.

Cherry Audio set out to build an absolutely faithful recreation of the Juno-106. They avoided the temptation to add features that would deter from the Juno's rapid and simple workflow. Instead, they modelled every aspect of the oscillators, filters, and envelope generators, as well as the classic, rich stereo chorus effect. Cherry Audio added new capabilities that transport the Juno concept to the next level, including an arpeggiator (much like the one found on the earlier Juno-60), chord memory mode, MPE support, new LFO waveforms, up to 16 voices of polyphony, a moody delay effect, Cherry Audio's shimmering new reverb effect, and a powerful detunable unison mode, for massive sounds never possible on the original.

Cherry Audio continues:

The result is an instrument that sounds and feels like hardware. The interface is familiar and immediate, the 64-bit high definition sound quality is exceptional, the effects are absolutely professional, and CPU usage is light and efficient. DCO-106 captures the tone and soul of the timeless, classic Juno synthesizers, and carries on the spirit of the original.


DCO-106 pays tribute to the past, but it's designed for the future. All parameters are automatable within a DAW and through MIDI Learn. MIDI-mapped controls all feature adjustable min/max values and response curves. Cherry Audio's powerful 64-bit sound engine, proprietary DSP, and alias-free oscillators produce high-fidelity audio that easily fits into any mix. DCO-106's preset browser is fast, searchable, and very easy to use. DCO-106's LFO speed, arpeggiator rate, and delay time are all syncable to host tempo.

DCO-106 offers tight integration with MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) controllers. All DCO-106 polyphonic controls are mappable to the X, Y, and Z axes, with both absolute and relative mapping modes, plus adjustable min/max values and response curves.

DCO-106 doesn't use dongles or plug-in managers. Instead, DCO-106 seamlessly and automatically keeps itself up-to-date, and DCO-106 can be simultaneously used on up to four computers.

DCO-106 is available now at cherryaudio.com, for an introductory price of $25, for both Windows and macOS, in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats, with a free 30-day demo. The regular price will be $39.



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