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Chicken Systems releases Translator 6 Beta and launches 50% Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Chicken Systems

Chicken Systems has announced the release of a beta version of Translator 6, a major new version of their instrument conversion software. It comes in Mac and Windows versions. The older Windows version has been completely rewritten from scratch and is feature-feature equivalent to the Mac version. The new features in Translator Mac are now fully functional in Translator Windows.

Translator 6 includes new long-requested features:

Beat Detection
Translator 6 includes several beat-detection algorithms so sample files (WAVE/AIFF, other) can be converted into slice-formats such as ACID, AppleLoops, Stylus RMX, and others (Recycle 2 not included). You can now bulk-convert hundreds of WAVE files into slice-formats without the need to do it clumsily one at a time.

Instrument Player
Translator 6 includes a brand new Instrument player so most Instruments you can view in Translator 6 can be played from your MIDI keyboard or onscreen keyboard for auditioning or enjoyment.

Rewritten Master Translation Dialog
Instrument-specific conversion options now appear here for quick/specific changes.

Rewritten Windows Version
The venerable Translator 2.9 has now been finalized at v3.0 and deprecated. Further completion will be done incrementally but the official version is now version 6. This version is code and feature compatible with Translator Mac v6 and adds the many new features Translator Mac had, such as detachable windows, Batch Convertor, Instrument Viewer, and most importantly the advanced standardized Conversion Engine (which powers Translator Mac, other Chicken Systems products, and is licensed to Native Instruments and other professional sampling companies).

New Compiler
Translator 6 is created using a new modern compiler resulting in more stable and faster operation.

Pricing & Availability

Although Translator 6 has been released, it is still officially in beta due to certain features not completely tested.

Translator 6, though a major version, is free for registered Translator users. Registered customers can get Translator 6 by opening their program; the Check For Updates function announces the new version and allows you to download it.

Thanksgiving Weekend Sale
Chicken Systems, in conjunction with SamplerZone.com, have announced a 50% Thanksgiving Weekend Sale on all Mac and Windows software (except bundles).

Example prices:

  • Translator 6 and Constructor 1.5 are $79.95 each.
  • The SamplerTools combo-pak is $199.95 (was $399.95).
  • Kontakt Assistant 1.1 is $39.95.

Thanksgiving weekend starting Friday November 25th, 2011, and ends midnight CST November 27th, 2011. Go to SamplerZone.com www.samplerzone.com/catalog for the sale.

More product videos have been added on Translator and its features (plus other products); see here: www.chickensys.com/movies.

For more information on Translator 6 Beta, please see the Chicken Systems web site www.chickensys.com. Free versions (demos) can be downloaded at www.chickensys.com/downloads



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