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NAMM 2016Chocolate Audio releases The Black Album Drums (BFD3 & Kontakt) and invites you to the NAMM Show

Chocolate Audio

Chocolate Audio has released The Black Album Drums, a new sample library for BFD3 and Kontakt inspired by the drums in the Black Album.

The library features the same exact kit (a Gretsch kit with Zildjian cymbals) used on the famous 'Black Album' by Metallica, 25 years ago.

Not only, Chocolate Audio hired Mike Tacci (staff engineer at One On One for the Black Album), the same studio where they placed the same mics in pretty much the same positions with very similar signal paths. This results in a drum kit with up to 5 ambient mics (BFD, 4 in the Kontakt version), plus multiple options and couplings for close mics:

  • 2 x Kicks.
  • 2 x Snare: the famous vintage Tama Bell Brass + a 1970s Black Beauty.
  • 5 x Toms.
  • 4 x Crashes + 1 China + 1 Ride cymbal.
  • Hi-Hat features 6 opening.

See it in action at the NAMM Show

You can visit the Chocolate Audio booth at the NAMM Show between January 21 and 24 at the IMSTA Software.NAMM island on Level 2 - 201C18 to enjoy The Black Album Drums, their entire product line and take a look at what other developers have on offer there.


  • BFD Expander and Kontakt versions - all in one pack (needs Kontakt 5.5 FULL VERSION or better).
  • The Chocolate Audio engine for Kontakt d√©buts the Player: a MIDI Style player capable of helping compose or perform billions of combinations of drum tracks with ease and fun.
  • 12.5 GB compressed for each version.
  • 33000 samples.
  • sampled in full detail: no less than 16 velocity splits + 11 round-robins for kicks and snares, 5 for toms and cymbals and 4 for the hi-hat.
  • the best of both worlds: the power of BFD for drums, the ease of use and integration of Kontakt.
  • recorded at 17 Hertz Studio in North Hollywood (CA), the former One On One Studio.
  • 5 room mics: Overheads, Room Close, Room Kick, Room Far, Room Rear (Kontakt version features a mix of Room Kick and Room Close).
  • warm and deep sound, processed through an analog tape machine.
  • advanced mixing and management (Kontakt) thanks to our custom advanced scripting.
  • recorded at 24-bit / 88.2 kHz, released at 24-bit / 44.1 kHz.

BFD Expander Features:

  • BFD 3 only.
  • ready to use Kits and Presets.

Kontakt Features:

  • custom 3D graphics with animation on kit and snare drum changes.
  • new 2.0 engine with the Chocolate Audio Style Player: more than 800 patterns fit to metal music with billions of potential combinations.
  • Style Player is both a composition and a performance tool, thanks to assignable MIDI control.
  • build your own kit.
  • advanced RAM management thanks to purge.
  • up to 4 Close and 4 Room mics.
  • tuning, velocity curve and AHD envelope controls on each drum.
  • advanced engine, shared with all future drum libraries.
  • 20 global factory presets.
  • custom IR reverbs.

Price and Availability

The Black Album Drums will be available on January 21st, 2016, for the special introductory price of USD 99.00 (list is USD 149.00) - 33% Off.

More info at www.chocolateaudio.com.

This product requires BFD 3.1 and/or Kontakt 5.5 full version (not the Player) or better.

Audio Demos: SoundCloud.com/chocolateaudio/sets/the-black-album-drums






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