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Cinematique Instruments releases "German Monochord" and "Experimental Box V2" for Kontakt

Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of the German Monochord and Experimental Box V2 sample libraries for Kontakt.

German Monochord
The word "monochord" means literally "one string". It was originally constructed by Pythagoras for basic harmonical experiments of tones 2500 years ago. In those days it was a simple wooden plate with only one string. Today the Monochord is an instrument with many strings of the same length stretched over a wooden soundbox, all tuned to the same tone. If you slowly pass your hands alternately over the strings without a break, you get a long-lasting sound that is rich in overtones. Cinematique Instruments German Monochord has 21 strings, one string tuned one octave lower. All strings are tuned to B.

Cinematique Instruments recorded separately each of the 21 strings of the Monochord plucked both with hands and plec in 2 or 3 dynamic variations. All the the strings were mapped in a range from C2 to C5 that you can pass your hands alternately over the keys related to the strings of the Monochord. Using this playing technique you get the typical long-lasting sound of the Monochord which you can transpose by using the key switch. Beyond that Cinematique Instruments recorded single strings in several Round Robin variations and dynamic layers that you can play the Monochord chromatically. Finally they created some interesting FX patches assembled from weird and experimental noises made with Monochord. Cinematique Instruments also added some scriptings to provide more opportunities.

Kontakt 3 or higher is required. The price is €22.

Summary of all 8 patches:

  • Monochord Chromatic (chromatical playing, fx, additional script).
  • Monochord KEY Finger (all 21 strings plucked with finger, key-switch transposes notes, additional scripts).
  • Monochord KEY Plec (all 21 strings plucked with fingers, key-switch transposes notes, additional script).
  • Monochord Hit (big hit, all strings at once).
  • Monochord Texture 1 (experimental textures, modwheel morphs sound).
  • Monochord Texture2 (see above).
  • Monochord Texture3 (see above).
  • Monochord FX (11 different "one shot" fx-samples).

Experimental Box V2
This is the second part of Cinematique Instruments' experimental section: The "Experimental Box V2". This time they focus on objects and elements found in a smithy of an artist blacksmith. Cinematique Instruments created a mish-mash of highly playable rhythms, ambients and instruments which are perfect for writing music in an experimental and minimalist way or giving your music a special character.

Cinematique Instruments just spent some hours in a smithy and recorded everything they could put their hands on: Nails, anvils, grindstones, ferrous tools, metal shapes, tubes, resonating plates, rattling sheets and any kind of machines. Cinematique Instruments beat, scrubbed and rattled the material and objects with hands, metal or rubber hammer, sticks and iron bars and came out with a wonderful assortment of textures, morphing pads, weird percussion and undefined instruments.

Kontakt 3 or higher is required. The price is €22.

Summary of all 16 patches:

  • Anvil - different sounds of beating the anvil, 17 velocity layer,.
  • Arcus Response - iron hits with random delays.
  • Dark Sheet - very deep and dark plate modulated through microphone movement.
  • Ferrous Loops - 35 sophisticated tempo-synced loops made of Ferrous Percussion.
  • Ferrous Percussion - nails, metal clear, saws, unsorted hits of cans and tins and undefined smithy sounds.
  • Grinding - 22 loops or one shots of close recordings of grinding objects.
  • Knatter - undefined deep crackling, ModWheel modulates sound.
  • Low Machine - a machine hum suspense pad.
  • Metal Glass Sizzle - prudent and shy mystic texture.
  • Metal Resonance - low and calm spooky pad.
  • One Minute Melodica - melodica played by the blacksmith, distorted.
  • Rattling Sheet - undefined deep rattling.
  • Small Saw Hit - enormous deep but soft hit.
  • Spanner – nice assortment of 8 different spanner.
  • Strap Arp - tie-wrap arpeggiator, 4 different styles.
  • Tipping The Plate - deep metal percussion sound.


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