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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.32 and ReaPlugs to v2.1


Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.32 and the ReaPlugs VST FX Suite to version 2.1.

Changes in REAPER v4.32:

  • Video:
    • added preliminary VLC support for video playback (install latest VLC for improved video decoding).
    • added YV12 colorspace support for OS X, Quicktime decoding.
    • improved bridged-quicktime behavior with mp3 audio (ignores audio rather than crashing).
  • OS X:
    • fixed play cursor artifacts with retina displays.
    • new faster CoreText rendering used on 10.5+, more consistent text.
    • now linked against 10.5 SDK, but with 10.4 compatibility.
    • option to ignore CoreAudio reset messages (can enable for certain devices, emulates 4.22 behavior).
  • Routing matrix:
    • mouseover highlight of current position.
    • improved functionality with click/drag to change multiple tracks.
    • show MIDI inputs and outputs.
    • improved display of MIDI-only sends.
  • Automute:
    • option (default) to clear automutes on playback start.
    • improved updating of arrange when automuting.
  • Media items:
    • improved new 4.30 fade shape behavior with fully overlapping items.
    • avoid creating tiny media items when pencil-drawing with snap enabled.
  • MIDI:
    • improved linear painting in drum modes.
    • fixed overdub+autopunch+preroll bug [issueid=4046].
    • allow pasting of MIDI events directly in arrange view (adds item, or pastes in existing item).
  • ReaVerb:
    • fixed incorrect transition from mono to stereo signals with stereo impulses.
    • corrected latency immediately after samplerate change.
  • Track routing dialog:
    • improved layout when using large fonts on Windows.
    • fixed parent channel not repopulating after adding sends.
  • FX browser: optional alternate tree/list layout (doubleclick divider to change).
  • ReaStream: added localhost support for win32, improved broadcast support on OS X, improved recent host history.
  • Time signatures: fixed adjusting media items when changing time signature numerator.

Changes in ReaPlugs v2.1:

  • ReaStream: local broadcast support for local machine use.
  • ReaJS: updated to latest JS, amazing new functionality.
  • ReaControlMIDI: updates/improvements.
  • Fix for Cubase 6 hangs.
  • Improved denormal reduction.


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