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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.58


Cockos has updated REAPER to v4.58.


  • ReaSamplomatic:
    • multi-file support (adding a group of files via browse or drag and drop will divide velocity range by file).
    • active voice count indicator.
    • added optional separate control for note-off release.
    • changed default settings for new instances.
    • graphical display of ADS envelope.
    • improved locking behavior to avoid audio interruption when loading samples.
    • improved parameter names for automation purposes.
    • reduced RAM use.
    • save-as with copy media now puts samples into samples/ subfolder.
  • MIDI editor:
    • fixed copy/cut within time selection not advancing the cursor or extending the MIDI item properly in certain situations.
    • fixed double-click note behavior with certain settings.
    • fixed step sequencer hang on recording during playback.
    • fixes relating to note folding.
    • improved edit cursor mouse click behavior.
  • Render:
    • region render matrix window allows selecting which tracks are rendered under which regions.
    • better auto-increment numbering for duplicate render target filenames.
    • option to render selected items.
    • option to render tracks with only mono media to mono files.
    • more informative display for render queue.
  • API:
    • added file_in_project_ex2, so that plugins tracking media files can receive copy notifications in save-as-copy etc.
    • functions to get or set the region render matrix.
  • FX:
    • fixed chain focus issues when updating ReaSamplomatic plug-in name.
    • drag and drop cursor fixes relating to monitoring FX.
    • item FX chains can request higher channel counts for internal processing.
  • MIDI:
    • more precise export of linear tempo transition.
    • optimizations to arrange view drawing.
    • option to automatically scale notes to fit in arrange view.
  • Project bay:
    • avoid hang when zooming to selected items that are very far apart.
    • improved sorting by take details column.
  • ReaVerb:
    • improved threading behavior when loading impulses.
    • save-as with copy media now puts samples into impulses/ subfolder.
  • Save as with copy:
    • better support for copying plug-in referenced media.
    • move option will prefer to copy files not in known or fallback recording paths.
  • VST:
    • improved setSpeakerArrangement behavior.
    • optionally inform plugins when track channel count changes.
  • JS: added midi_choke.
  • MIDI export: warn before overwriting files.
  • MIDI inline editor: zoom/autozoom fixes.
  • OSC: fixed bug in /vkb_midi/note support.
  • ReaStream: improved blocking behavior for network sends.
  • ReaSurround: by default, adjusts channels to match track channel count, but can be disabled.
  • Track channels: added 36 channels as an option.
  • WAV: ignore nonsensical BEXT preferred position data.
  • Windows: fixed x64 hang on certain tempo envelope and grid settings.


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