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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.03


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.03.

Changes in v5.03:

  • ReaScript:
    • preserve indentation when pasting in IDE.
    • add preference to not clear console on ShowConsoleMsg ("").
  • AU: fix crash with certain plug-ins introduced in 5.02.
  • JSFX IDE: preserve indentation when pasting.
  • Performance: prevent increasing memory use when stopping under certain circumstances.

Changes in v5.02:

  • Actions: make solo and mute actions obey grouping.
  • API: add EnumerateFiles and EnumerateSubdirectories .
  • API: add GetProjectTimeOffset, GetMediaSourceParent, IsProjectDirty.
  • API: add OpenColorThemeFile, GetLastColorThemeFile, OpenMediaExplorer.
  • API: enable MIDI_SetEvt for channel messages .
  • API: enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo and related function support for P_MCP_LAYOUT and P_TCP_LAYOUT (get/set track layout names).
  • Audio Units: improve handling of plug-ins with variable channel counts.
  • Control surfaces: make mute and solo obey grouping.
  • Control surfaces: add MCU surface option to ignore global surface offset.
  • Envelopes: add action to manually edit envelope point at cursor.
  • FX: optimize/harden parameter automation notification code.
  • HMSF: correctly handle negative HMSF project offsets when parsing HMSF strings.
  • Items: fix weird volume knob appearance on very small media items.
  • JSFX IDE: detect/prompt to reload JSFX that have been modified externally.
  • JSFX IDE: use Ctrl+R for open import lines, fix tab insertion.
  • JSFX IDE: update selection/cursor when indenting block text.
  • Lua: support popen on OS X.
  • MIDI: detect and convert legacy Latin-1 encoded text events on export.
  • MIDI: export text events using UTF-8, Latin-1, or ASCII.
  • MIDI: fix Latin-1 string filtering bugs with UTF-8 codepoints U+100-U+7FF.
  • MIDI: convert Latin-1 text events to UTF-8 on .mid file import .
  • MIDI: fix truncated events in list view editor when source MIDI extends beyond enclosing media item bounds.
  • Preferences: fix option 'Show splash screen on startup' being ignored in certain instances.
  • Project settings: rename "use cursor" to "set 0:00 to cursor", make behavior closer to that of REAPER 4.x.
  • ReaComp: support manually editing envelope points with proper formatting .
  • ReaScript: fix Latin-1 vs UTF-8 character set issues in console.
  • ReaScript: use Ctrl+R in IDE for open EEL import lines.
  • ReaScript: fix tab insertion for EEL editor.
  • ReaScript: detect/prompt from IDE to reload scripts that have been modified externally.
  • ReaScript: update selection/cursor when indenting block text in IDE.
  • ReaScript: allow editing scripts with external editors.
  • ReaScript: encode HTML entities when generating ReaScript documentation.
  • ReaScript: sanity check Undo_BeginBlock/Undo_EndBlock and PreventUIRefresh.
  • Selection: fix marquee item/envelope point selection not obeying some locking options.
  • Selection: fix actions to select all tracks/envelope points not obeying some locking options.
  • SoundTouch: update to 1.9.0, allow stretch rates up to 1000x, up to 64 channels.
  • Time display: fix measures/beats time display when in preroll before time 0.0.
  • Track manager: improve selection state tracking when reordering tracks.
  • Track manager: fix auto-scroll when adding tracks on Windows .
  • Track manager: fix scroll issues with reordered columns on OS X .
  • Track manager: prevent flashing selection state when reordering tracks.
  • Track manager: support sorting by custom track color.
  • VCA: fix reset of master envelope when applying single-point volume envelopes to slaves.
  • VLC: fix native decoding to RGB/YUY2.
  • VoiceOver: always allow VoiceOver fader/knob changes even with new 5.0 default ignore-mousewheel setting.
  • VST: improve keyboard support.
  • VST: send VST2 note-off velocities.
  • VST: convert MIDI channel pressure messages to VST3 aftertouch.
  • VST: fix numpad keyboard issues for certain Windows VST3 .
  • VST: REAPER Extension API made available to VST3 plug-ins.
  • VST: support VST3 plugins that implicitly detect sidechains .
  • Windows: support more UTF-8 characters in various combo/edit boxes.

Changes in v5.01:

  • ^5.011 (OS X 32-bit only): Fades: fixed S curve issues from 5.01 on OS X/i386 (ICC bug workaround).
  • Audio Units: fixed ReaMote issues.
  • Audio Units: fixed issues with renamed plug-ins.
  • Elastique: updated to v3.0.11.
  • Elastique: workaround for clicks when using formant preservation modes.
  • FX: fixed incorrect ordering when drag and dropping multiple FX to the end of a FX chain.
  • FX: now support parameter modulation/linking for take FX.
  • Item colors: fixed option to auto-color new takes .
  • Item labels: fixed option to draw labels over solid background with default theme .
  • JSFX: fixed FFT Splitter .
  • Live FX multiprocessing: fixed issues with muted folders and record armed children.
  • Localization: various fixes, new template langpack.
  • MIDI: fixed visual jitter when editing unlooped media item edge.
  • MIDI: improved editor preview behavior with anticipative FX.
  • MIDI: quantize note ends prevents creating 1 tick notes .
  • MIDI: allow sending MIDI clock without SPP/continue messages, for certain devices.
  • MIDI: fixed MIDI peak issues with inactive takes.
  • Mixer: fixed display of send indicators when 0dB volume max .
  • Multimonitor: fixed hand scroll behavior with arrange view spanning tracks.
  • Parameter modulation: MIDI/OSC learn for LFO phase.
  • Parameter modulation: fixed copy/paste of FX with parameter linking.
  • Performance: optimized channel mixing, media item fades.
  • Project bay: improved collapsed FX parameter display.
  • Render: added $namecount wildcard, to count items or regions with the same name.
  • Samplerate conversion: optimized sinc interpolation, especially on C2D and earlier CPUs.
  • Samplerate conversion: renamed good to medium, better to good, best to better, and Extreme to HQ.
  • Samplerate conversion: added a new Extreme HQ mode.
  • VST3: fixed multichannel/sidechain issues.
  • VST3: improved compatibility and performance.
  • VST3: improved keyboard support.
  • VST3: support plain-text parameter display for envelope point editing.
  • VST: allow restoring default name to plug-ins by renaming to an empty string.
  • WASAPI: i/o latency estimation, limited by WASAPI API.
  • WASAPI: loopback support.
  • WAV/AIFF: improved 8-bit support (9+ year old bug).
  • WAV: RF64 read/write support.
  • Windows: fixed WaveOut bug from 2011 that caused Wine problems starting in 4.76 .


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