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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.18


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.18.


  • fix explode item to channels when using tempo maps and project time offset.
  • fix peaks display with certain item channel settings.
  • improve split behavior for items with start offsets and non-1.0 playrate.
  • optimized handling of very long looping MIDI items.


  • add action to write current values to entirety of actively-writing envelopes.
  • improve descriptions for actions for writing envelopes (actively-writing rather than latched).

CD burning:

  • restore cdrecord.exe burn method for DAO writing on win32 (removed from 5.12).
  • support writing CD-TEXT for cdrecord method on Windows.
  • use valid gracetime parameter for cdrecord on Windows.


  • add GetMousePosition ().
  • add gfx_clienttoscreen/gfx.clienttoscreen and screentoclient.
  • support gfx.getpixel () with Lua.


  • add per-channel Record Delay Compensation adjustment.
  • visual click support.
  • take click count / project time signature in to account when calculating BPM.

Action window:

  • fix display glitch when removing key/MIDI assignment.

Audio status:

  • properly display ampersand characters when showing record path.

Click source:

  • fix non-automatic synchronization mode (broken in 4.78+).

Envelope window:

  • better alignment for non-armable envelopes.


  • fix incorrect modification of tempo map when changing metronome pattern.


  • fix possible incorrect peak display with reverse stereo enabled.

Pitch shifting:

  • prevent hang when using extremely large pitch-up with E3.


  • fix manual mode display inaccuracies.


  • avoid generating infinite gain using expansion and feedback detector.

Stretch markers:

  • fix stretch marker handle drawing and possible hang issue.


  • fully unload win32 VSTs on exit, partial revert of 5.16 changes.


  • GetSetTrackSendInfo () support I_AUTOMODE.
  • add GetTrackEnvelopeByChunkName ().


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