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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.51


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.51.


  • add spectral editing support, action to insert new edit regions.

Automation items:

  • add automation item support, to contain, move, and transform portions of envelopes.
  • improve thread-safety when removing/reordering automation items.
  • improve editing multiple pooled instances of the same automation item at once via action or envelope control panel knob.
  • prevent unintentional edge edits when automation item is very small.
  • fix action to copy/cut automation when multiple automation items selected.
  • support muting individual automation items.


  • fix long-standing UI/audio thread locking performance issue.
  • improve manual edit appearance, use MIDI editor theme colors.
  • use arrange-view mousewheel mappings for manual edit window when possible.
  • obey horizontal zoom center preference when zooming via mousewheel.


  • enable Soloist speech mode.
  • update to v3.23.


  • fix changing envelope point shape after media item edit.
  • avoid potential bad outcome when deleting all envelope points and automation items within time selection.
  • fix snap behavior for doubleclick insert point mouse modifiers.

MIDI editor:

  • label channel pressure messages consistently.
  • preview note in key on first mouse down when key snap enabled.


  • fix envelope point selection state undo/redo.
  • improve mute envelope automation recording behavior.

Web Interface:

  • add More Me Personal Monitor Controller (more_me.html).
  • allow /more_me as a shorthand for /more_me.html, etc.


  • obey mousewheel focus preference for horizontal mousewheel when possible.
  • improve support for Logitech horizontal mousewheels.


  • fix potential incorrect memory access in write mode.

Batch converter:

  • improve browse button default path on Windows.

Configuration import/export:

  • allow toggling checkbox state with space key.

Media explorer:

  • improve measure-synced tempo matching behavior for some tempos/blocksizes.

MIDI export:

  • avoid creating two tempo change events at the same time position.

Notation editor:

  • improve localization.

Peaks display settings:

  • fix UI glitch when items have spectrogram enabled.

Region manager:

  • properly import regions defined in absolute frames.


  • increase destination track channel count when configuring multichannel send.

Routing matrix:

  • support horizontal-wheel scroll.


  • prevent plug-ins from sizing window from other threads.


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