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Cycling '74

Cycling '74 updates Max to v7.0.4

Cycling '74 has updated Max 7 to v7.0.4.

New Features:

  • Beap: help files for all modules.
  • Gen: code export improvements.
  • gen~: added creepyreverb example.
  • jit.grab: native Blackmagic driver implementation.
  • message: added dontrestore attribute to clear contents on save/close/etc.
  • nslider: can use note names for input.
  • Preferences: added preference to disable adding saved patchers to the search path.

Fixed Bugs:

  • amxd~: parameters can be changed with messages on Windows x64.
  • avf / grabbr: fixed crash when setting input attr / when instantiating vizzie abstraction.
  • bpatcher: properly keeps reference to abstraction when there is a space in the patcher name.
  • coll: fixed writeagain message memory leak.
  • coll: nsub message pushes to jit.cellblock.
  • crash recovery: fixed problems for patchers containing mira objects.
  • crash recovery: no longer fails to recreate patch cords to subpatchers in some situations.
  • dict: export_json no longer forces the extension.
  • dict: pattr properly stores state on save.
  • dict.route: fix for not matching identical dicts after whitespace change in jed.
  • dict.route: fixed syntax / matching issues.
  • dirac: now named ZTX.
  • Doc / File Browser: fixed minor deletion bugs.
  • Doc Browser: sidebar link generation works when target has no text.
  • File Browser: fixed blue drag and drop highlight sticky-ness.
  • File Browser: fixed jitter-examples/render and jitter-examples/javascript/render naming conflict.
  • Gen: generated code in Code sidebar is properly bracketed.
  • gen: prefix/classname/namespace that's added to gen~ exportcode struct and API.
  • gen~: fixed amxd crash.
  • gen~: fixed compile fail with "call to fasterpow is ambiguous".
  • gen~: function declaration.
  • groove~: 'set' message fixes.
  • groove~/play~: fixed clicks when buffer reference is changed and in overdrive/siai.
  • Installer: fixed warnings in Chrome browser.
  • jit.dx.grab: @adapt functionality.
  • jit.dx.grab: output_texture support.
  • jit.gl.cornerpin: fixed mouse interaction when bound to jit.world.
  • jit.graph: fixed clearit attribute.
  • jit.matrix: avf engine properly displays large still images.
  • jit.matrix: importmovie with avf backend now properly handles single plane matrices.
  • jit.matrix: updates to exportimage reference to better reflect current functionality.
  • jit.movie: fixed dispose message to properly free movie file.
  • jit.movie: output_texture no longer outputs blue frame immediately after reading file.
  • jit.phys.picker: fixed touch message.
  • jit.world: toggling fsaa no longer breaks escape fullscreen on Yosemite.
  • live.drop: fixed crash when freed (Win only).
  • live.gain~: fixed graphical glitches with inlets / outlets.
  • live.step: dump_to_dict contains interval.
  • Max For Live: device width no longer changes on re-save.
  • Max For Live: fixed dragging width of "defined initial window position".
  • Max For Live: fixed maxurl-related crash.
  • parameter: display device-only attributes in patchers opened from the device project.
  • playlist~: fixed pitchshift reset problems.
  • project: unfreezing no longer causes creation of a nested device folder.
  • Projects: adding a JSON file no longer tries to create a patcher.
  • Projects: dependencies are found when project is out of search path.
  • Projects: ensure that project-based patchers aren't added to the search path.
  • Projects: new files will be written directly into their correct category folders on creation.
  • Projects: reads .lua files.
  • Reference: enum descriptions are properly rendered.
  • retune~: properly respects pitches.
  • serial: sending 'open' message after valid port selection no longer kills connection (Win only).
  • sflist~: sound files no longer cut off.
  • sfplay~: fixed clicks when re-enabling time stretching.
  • standalone: fixed issue where two instances of patcher would open on startup when built from a Project.
  • Styles: no longer makes copies of styles when saving patcher.
  • Text Editor: can paste into find bar text field (Windows only).
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