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D16 Group announces LuSH-101 Synthesizer for Win & Mac VST & AU

D16 Group has announced LuSH-101 (formerly known as Shioitor) with lots of new features never spoken of before.

LuSH-101 is a virtual analogue synthesizer that will provide "authentic analogue character and extensive software features that will fulfil the needs of the most demanding musicians and sound designers who use synthesisers in their work". Release date and pricing have not yet been announced. LuSH-101 will be available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU instrument plug-in formats.

By providing "authentic analogue character" and one of the most extensive feature sets around, LuSH-101 aims to fulfil the needs of the most demanding musicians and sound designers.

Since it uses a layered architecture (up to 8 layers per instance), LuSH-101 provides endless sound-shaping possibilities. Each layer can be freely assigned to any MIDI channel or keyboard zone, and its audio output can be routed to any of the 11 available stereo busses. Layers can either be used to create a single massive sound (where all layers respond to a single MIDI channel and a single keyboard zone) or to create several discrete timbres simultaneously (where each layer sounds on a different MIDI channel), which is quite convenient compared to loading multiple instances of the same plugin for each sound. In other words, LuSH-101 is a truly multi-timbral instrument with an interface that makes splits, layers, and every conceivable combination simple to set up.

Each module implemented in LuSH-101 utilizes sophisticated DSP algorithms to provide the highest quality sound possible throughout every link in the signal chain. Each layer in LuSH-101 can work as an independent synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters, advanced arpeggiator, and a palette of 8 insert effects. In addition to a sophisticated MIDI-learn implementation, an advanced modulation matrix is built into each layer allowing a whole other level of expressive control. LuSH also comes complete with a powerful built in mixer with layer-independent parametric equalizers and compressors. Three send effects allow you to put the finishing touches on the final output.

LuSH-101 also gives you a powerful preset management system. It allows the creation of presets for a single layer, for all 8 layers at once (including the mixer settings). But, there's more: you can even create presets for smaller blocks of parameters such as arpeggiator settings or the mixer's send effects. A generous factory library of more than 1700 presets in every flavor is included.

To top it all off, an intuitively designed preset browser keeps everything organized and easy-to-locate, even when dealing with something as enormous as the included library. In order to ensure that exchanging them with others remains as painless as possible, presets are managed in a file-based manner, rather than in some proprietary, esoteric format. Go wild, and share the results—easily.

LuSH-101 Feature Summary

Multilayer architecture with 8 independent Layers (per-layer properties):

  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony.
  • MIDI channel.
  • Keyboard zone.
  • Audio output.
  • Synthesis:
    • Oscillators (Saw, PWM, Noise), with Supersaw and HardSync options.
    • Sub Oscillator (5 waveforms).
    • Self-oscillating, high-quality, multimode filter.
    • Passive high-pass filter.
    • Up to 8 voice unison with Tune, Cutoff and Panorama spread.
    • 2 LFOs with optional tempo synchronization and re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, Arpe, None).
    • 2 envelopes with re-triggering modes (Trig, Gate, LFO1, LFO2).
  • Insert effect (selectable algorithms):
    • Chorus.
    • String Ensemble.
    • Phaser.
    • Flanger.
    • Distortion.
    • Vowel filter.
    • Decimator.
    • Tremolo.
  • Modulation Matrix (modulation sources):
    • Note velocity.
    • Pitch bend.
    • Modulation wheel.
    • Expression pedal.
    • Sustain pedal.
    • Keyboard's aftertouch.
    • Note pitch.
    • Arpeggiator's output.
  • Arpeggiator:
    • Step sequencer (Gate and Tie per step).
    • 6 Run modes (Up, Down, Up and Down, Down and Up, Random, Manual).
    • Chord mode (Gater).
    • 3 Hold modes (Normal, Toggle, Trigger).
    • Shuffle.
    • Tempo multiplier (Full notes, Dotted notes, Triplets).


  • Parametric EQs (1 per channel strip).
  • Compressors (1 per channel strip).
  • Up to 11 freely-assignable stereo output busses per instance.
  • Send FX (Reverb, Chorus, Delay with tempo sync).


  • Over 1700 factory presets.
  • 5 preset categories (whole synth, single layer, Arpeggiator, Reverb, Delay).
  • Advanced, file-based preset browser.


  • Advanced MIDI learn.
  • Parameter mapping for VST / AU automation.
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Discussion: Active
Kim Olesen
Kim Olesen
13 September 2012 at 5:25pm

Wtf. I was willing to bet this was vapourware. What is the price?

15 September 2012 at 6:29am

I can assure you it's not. :) They haven't announced the price yet.

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