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denise audio releases poltergate: gating, transient design and de-bleeding in one plug-in


denise audio has released poltergate, a plug-in that fuses the powers of transient design, gating and de-bleeding into one.

poltergate enables you to shape live drums, samples or any source you like in a swift, creative and intuitive way. denise audio says the user will achieve better noise reduction, instrument separation and de-bleeding in a plug-in optimised for power, fast results and creativity.

For poltergate, denise created their own, unique de-bleeding algorithm to achieve the precision they wanted. With just three knobs, you can keep the bleed out while preserving both the punch and the resonance of the drum. It's triggered by the same threshold as the gate, so you can save time by adjusting both the gate and the de-bleeder at once rather than separately.

Key features:

  • Built-in side-chain EQ graph: Detection of the signal in maximum detail.
  • Unique de-bleeder algorithm: Bleed shall not pass with these 3 simple controls.
  • New possibilities and time saving: Transient design, gating and de-bleeding in one.
  • Spike control: Unique feature to detect transients more easily.
  • Clipper, Flip & Audition: Shape & colour to make your sound extra thick.

Intro Offer + Black Friday Discount: €39 instead of €82 (intro price of €49 plus an extra 20% discount in the denise audio Black Friday sale). All prices excl. VAT.

More examples and videos are available at denise.io/store/denise/poltergate



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