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Detunized releases Room Tones - Office Building Sound Library

Detunized has released Room Tones - Office Building, a sound library that features the ambience one can hear sometimes around midnight or in the early morning hours.

During these times employees are usually at home and only service staff are around so the building can unfold its own sounds of ventilations, elevators and wind that blows through tilted windows. Automatic switches occasionally ignite neon lights along the floors or elevator doors open from out of nowhere.

RT - Office Building video

The library is available in three formats:

  • Live Pack
    • requires Live 8.4 or higher, 1.2 GB.
    • 9 Drum Racks with percussive elements of various door actions.
    • 22 Instrument Racks with room tones and elevator drives.
    • 94 clips with full length takes for personal editing purposes.
  • Broadcast WAV light
    • 23 Takes w/ embedded metadata, 24/48, 1000 MB, 59 min total playing time.
    • Extensive meta-data documents for SM import.
  • Broadcast WAV HD
    • 79 Takes w/ embedded metadata, 24/96, 5.4 GB 160 min total playing time.
    • Extensive meta-data documents for SM import.

Prices start at €14.

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