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Devicemeister updates Stepic to v1.1


Devicemeister has announced the release of Stepic 1.1. The new version of this Max for Live MIDI Effect comes with these changes:

  • Probability: Probability allows to control the probability with which notes are played. Probabilities can be set independently for each step. Two modes are available. In percentage mode, the set value determines with which percentage probability a note is played. In Fix mode, the set value determines after how many cycles a note is either played or not played.
  • Note Repeat: With Note Repeat, cyclic note repetitions can be added to sequences. Interval and number of repeats are configurable. To add musical variety, repeated notes can be transposed up or down. The transposition range can be set in semitone steps. Transpose Offset allows delaying the start of transposition. Like Stepic's other sequencer sections, sequence length can be set independently, and Retrigger options and Random Step Order are available. At step level, Value Randomization can be activated.
  • Fader Option for Modulation Values: In addition to potentiometers, faders are available as an option for modulation value input. The goal was to optimize value input and visual representation of current values compared to previous versions of Stepic. As for the faders of the note sequencer, On-The-Fly Input is available. By holding the Shift key, the value input is done by simply moving the mouse pointer over the faders.
  • Chord Copy: Chord Copy allows duplication of existing chords. Copy To copies the chord from the current step to any other. Copying into multiple steps in one operation is possible. Copy From copies the chord from any other step to the current one.
  • Chord Cycle: Chord Cycle can be used to cycle through the existing chords of a pattern. Each click on the now available button loads the next chord into the current step.

Note Repeat Demo

Probability Demo



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