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Devious Machines releases Infiltrator 2 - 25% Off

Devious Machines

Devious Machines has announced the release of version 2.0 of Infiltrator, the multi-effect plugin that can stack, sequence and modulate up to 10 effects at once.

Version 2 boasts twice the effects, twice the presets, and twice the modulation power of its predecessor – all with the same intuitive workflow.

Whether it's conventional effects or reality-bending sonic madness, Infiltrator 2 puts it all at your fingertips.


New in Infiltrator 2:

  • Time manipulation suite: reverse, varispeed, slowdown and granular time-stretch.
  • Spectral Effects: Fourteen new and unique FFT based effects ranging from beautiful to completely bonkers.
  • Improved modulation: Each individual effect has a second, assignable envelope which can modulate any of its parameters.
  • New Filters: Dual filter, a new rich-sounding formant filter and a notch filter.
  • Vocoder: unleash your inner robot.
  • Double the presets: now with over 1500, newly catalogued and categorised for maximum productivity.
  • New Reverbs: the cavernous Void model, and Reflect module for diffuse echoes.
  • Plus compressor/gate modules, MIDI CC output, more consistent latency compensation, stereo width control...

Infiltrator 2 is a free, drop-in upgrade for existing users. For everyone else, there's a 25% off RRP limited time intro price of £74.99 (Reg. £99.99).

Try the demo: deviousmachines.com/infiltrator



Discussion: Active
21 September 2022 at 1:24pm

Man, the first iteration of this plugin is truly one of the all time effects in my view (a "desert island" pick if there ever was one). I was stoked to see #2 announced, reading over the new features, trying to decide how long I might last before divining in for round 2 (and the new $$$ expense that comes with that).

I was shocked to see that Infiltrator 2 is actually a free upgrade for owners of #1. Truly didn't see that coming. You know these devs know with the massive success with the first version, they'd have a line out the door for #2 even at a steep cost. So, just a refreshing all-class move from these guys to not go that route. Now, I think we should all go buy their other offerings as a thank you!

Class act organization - very appreciative.

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