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Discovery Sound launches Japanese Samples 10% OFF Sale

Discovery Firm

Discovery Sound is having a 10%-OFF sale on five sample collections focused on Japanese sounds, until Monday April 24th, 2006.

The sale includes the following items.

Okinawan Tradition

  • Price: $49.50 (list price: $55).
  • Formats: ACID | WAV | REX2 | BATTERY.
  • The collection features the traditional instruments of Okinawa located in the northern part of Japan. It includes Sanshin (stringed instrument), Sanba (castanet), Fue (flute), Taiko (drum), and more. Also, its folk songs and Hayashi (shouts) are provided on the disc.

Spirits from Ainu

  • Price: $49.50 (list price: $55).
  • Formats: ACID | WAV | REX2 | KONTAKT.
  • This is a collection to capture the traditional music of Hokkaido indigenous peoples "Ainu". The disc consists of Mukkuri (Jews harp) and Upopo (songs) by Ms. Umeko Ando, who is an acclaimed old woman among Ainu musicians. The stringed instrument, Tonkori, is also provided in Kontakt format.


  • Price: $22.50 (list price: $25).
  • Formats: ACID | WAV | REX2.
  • Japanese world-famous Shamisen is presented in clarity and depth on this CD. This painstaking work faithfully reproduces the shamisen's unique tones, from delicate reverberations to impassioned, soul-stirring phrases.

Discovery Japan

  • Price: $81.90 (list price: $91).
  • Formats: AUDIO.
  • An immersive collection that takes you deep inside the musical heart of Japan. Real Japanese folk vocal section includes male and female swoops, glides, and a variety of tonal color and format shifts. The instrumental tracks include two types of Shamisen, plus Shakuhachi, Koto, and more.

Oriental Groove

  • Price: $47.70 (list price: $53).
  • Formats: AUDIO.
  • A compilation of the popular sounds of the Orient. Ancient Japanese instruments, such as the shakuhachi, shamisen, and koto are featured along with the sitar and tabla of Southeast Asia.


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