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DMG Audio updates EQuality to v1.17, Compassion to v1.06 and EQuick to v1.02

DMG Audio

DMG Audio has updated EQuality to version 1.17, Compassion to version 1.06 and EQuick to version 1.02.

All plugs:

  • Fixed memory leak.
  • Fixed potential crash in UI.
  • Massive improvements to CPU usage with UI redraw/animation.
  • Fix focus stealing bug on windows.
  • Fix UI crash on mac.
  • Invalid text entry returns controls to default values.
  • Fix "stuck-on" clip light in ProTools HD.
  • Fix Win+Ctrl click for Windows ProTools.
  • Fix AudioSuite redraw for Windows ProTools.
  • Presets are compressed to dramatically reduce session sizes (1/50th).


  • Fix tooltips and hover in ProTools.
  • Fix UI resizing in ProTools.
  • ProTools pagetable.
  • New pref: Band colour by number.
  • New pref: Mousewheel zoom disable.


  • Delay compensate for wet/dry when clip-limiter is pre.
  • No sidechain version of Compassion.


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