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Drum drops releases It's A Jazz Thing - Jazz Drum multi-tracks, stem packs and drum loops


Drumdrops has released It's A Jazz Thing, a Jazz Drum multi-tracks, stem packs and drum loops collection.

The 41 jazz drum tracks explore iconic grooves within jazz music with tempos ranging from 60 BPM to 360 BPM. It encompasses basic swing patterns on both brushes and sticks at various tempos and covers a wide range of styles from early swing and big band drumming through Bebop, Cool Jazz, Hardbop, Latin Jazz and it's more contemporary applications.

Close attention to detail was essential in creating each drum track so that they replicate the original recordings as accurately as possible. The drums and cymbals were selected and tuned accordingly whilst the touch and feel are clearly captured.

All drum tracks were played by David Dyson and Drumdrops used two variations of David's Japanese Sakae Trilogy kit. These kits are lightweight and ideal for classic Jazz tones of the 50's. The first kit was a 5 piece kit with a larger kick drum and low tuned drums providing a more muffled Big Band sound. The second variation was a typical 4 piece BeBop variation which was tuned higher providing more open resonant tones.

The kits were recorded at Livingston Studio 1 in London using the brighter live room. The tracks were recorded and mixed by Matt Lawrence.

Check out a video of David Dyson and Matt Lawrence discussing the making of 'It's A Jazz Thing' here

All forty-one drum tracks can be purchased individually as multi-tracks (unmixed), stems (mixed), drum loop packs or MP3 practice tracks. The Multi-tracks come with full length live multi-tracks and locked song construction loops. The live multi-tracks include a tempo map and OMF file to export into other DAW. Drumdrops also provide patches for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Reason, REAPER, Studio One and Ableton Live. The audio files come as 24-bit WAVs. The Multi-track song Loops are locked to the beat and cut into song structures such as Intro, chorus, verse, middle 8, Bridge and Outro.

The Stems and mix packs contain groups of the drums or individual drum tracks such as kick and snare as well as reverbs for quick and easy mix balancing and come as full length 24-bit WAVs. These live drum stems also come with a tempo map. The Stem and Mix packs also include the song construction loops (but mixed versions) which contain the locked to the beat song sections.

The loop packs contain a folder of grooves and fills. Drumdrops have included as many useful loops that they can get from each drum track. The loops come formatted as 24-bit and 16-bit WAVs, Apple Loops and Rex 2 Files.

The MP3 Practice Tracks contain a mix of of each drum track and they come with and without a count in which makes them ideal for jamming to.

Each drum track can be purchased individually or if you buy the album (in any format) you get a discount off the complete price. Drum loop packs are £3.95, Stem packs, £4.95 and Multi-track pack £5.95. The complete album or 41 packs is Loops Packs £99.00, Stems & Mix Packs £115.00, Multi-track Packs £160.00.

Customers can receive 20% off any purchase on It's A Jazz Thing' by using the voucher code jazzthing20 at checkout.

It's A Jazz Thing is out now and can be downloaded directly from the Drumdrops site here.



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