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Drumdrops releases "60s Motown Kit BFD Pack" with special offer


Drumdrops has released the 60s Motown Kit BFD Pack. Compatible with BFD2 and BFD3, it contains over 30,000 samples recorded in up to 240 velocity steps utilised in 51 drum articulations. The pack also contains 15 groove palettes with 245 Motown loops plus 4 mix presets for each format.

The kit is a Ludwig Club Date Kit recorded to recreate the 60s Motown sound. Drumdrops used six microphones - one on the kick, one kit mic and four room mics setup as a brass section and vocal mic. Blend the mics together to create the drum sound and you have the sound. The kit comes with four snares and lots of percussion.

Special Offer:

  • The first 10 packs will be free (From Wednesday 27th September, 2017, at 4pm BST).
  • The next 10 packs will be £ 15.00.
  • The next 25 packs will be £ 25.00.
  • Then it will revert to £ 35.00.

Customers will need to head to the drumdrops site and make sure they have a registered account. On Wednesday 27th September, 2017, at 4pm BST head to the Buy Kit page and as soon as Drumdrops turn the offer on try the lucky dip to see if you can grab a free copy or buy a heavily discounted pack.

Once the offer is over customers can use the voucher code 60smotown20 to receive 20% off any of the available packs on the 60s Motown Kit.

In addition Drumdrops are offering a 30% discount on any purchases made on 60s Motown Drops (multi-tracks, stems or loop packs). Customers should use the voucher code 60smotowndrops30 at checkout.

To learn more about the kit head over here. To see the sample breakdown head over here. To listen to some Samples head here and to see the video of recording of the kit head here



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