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EastWest releases Hollywood Strings Gold and Hollywood Strings Diamond Instrument Update 2.0


EastWest has released Instrument Update version 2.0 of Hollywood Strings (Gold and Diamond).

Changes in Instrument Update 2.0:

  • Improved violas tuning.
  • Improved legato scripting.
  • Improved basses slur legato playability.
  • Improved celli slur legato playability.
  • Improved violas slur legato playability.
  • Improved 2nd violins slur legato playability.
  • Improved 1st violins slur legato playability.
  • Improved all legato slur + marc or slur + stac programs.
  • Various reported errors fixed.
  • Added 'Pro Template' folder (a quick start for semi powerful system template building).


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