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NAMM 2018Elektron releases Digitone - Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer


Swedish musical instrument company Elektron has announced the release of Digitone, a polyphonic digital synthesizer featuring a powerful yet user-friendly take on FM synthesis.

Digitone is an eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of unique tones and timbres. The FM sound generators have been optimized for a clean and efficient sound design process.

The Elektron sequencer is an integral part of Digitone. Four tracks are available for the internal sounds and four dedicated MIDI tracks stand ready for controlling external gear. Use the sequencer to quickly add chords or create melodies adhering to a specific scale. Add probability settings to individual notes. Create tracks with different lengths. Digitone makes it easy to create intricate and musical patterns.

"Digitone is the sound explorer's choice. It is like a vortex to completely new sound territories. Its tone is so unique, and handling it is a delight. This synthesizer will take you to places you didn't think existed", says Jonas Hillman, CEO of Elektron.



Overbridge enabled
Overbridge for Digitone brings new-school FM synthesis to DAW environments. Edit Digitone parameters directly from your computer screen. Record all internal tracks individually. Overbridge greatly enhances the Digitone workflow. Overbridge for Digitone will be released later this year. Learn more about Overbridge at elektron.se/overbridge

Digitakt Online Interactive Demo
The Digitone Online Interactive Demo offers a hands-on way to try out the Digitone. It gives a glimpse of some of the features found in the hardware unit. The demo should work in all modern web browsers and doesn't require any plugin. All pure JavaScript. It can be accessed at elektron.se/products/digitone

Pricing & availability

Digitone is 759 USD / 779 EUR / 699 GBP and is available for purchase now, either from the Elektron website or from retailers carrying the Elektron range of products.



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