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Elektrostudio releases eSLine, Rhythmus, Tapeotronic and DavoSynth


Elektrostudio has released several free VST instrument plug-ins for Windows: eSLine, Rhythmus, Tapeotronic and DavoSynth.

eSLine Rhythmus Tapeotronic

eSLine is a virtual string machine instrument inspired by the Arp Solina String Ensemble.


  • Cello, bass, viola, violin, trumpet and horn.
  • 16 patches.
  • Fully automated knobs with MIDI learn possibility.
  • Built in phaser, echo and chorus.

Rhythmus is inspired by an old rhythm machine. There are ten buttons available, each button can play two different rhythm sections so essentially there are about 20 different rhythmic loops offered, such as samba, mambo, tango, waltz, rumba etc. When you click "open", you can change the tune, volume, pan of each rhythm component such as snare, bongo, cowbell, hi-hat, etc. That's not all - you can mix these rhythmic sections with Tambourine, Guiro, Quijada sounds.

Tapeotronic is heavily inspired by Mellotron. It has three type of sounds you can blend together: Flute, String and Chorus. 16 patches, knobs with fully automation as well as MIDI learn option.

DavoSynth is inspired by Davolisint (a rare Italian keyboard created in 1972). It shares the same architecture as original, which lacks most of the features we'd expect from even a basic synth. There are two oscillators called VCO1 and VCO2 - but there are no waveform selection, syncing options or envelopes. So, what do we have? One Portamento and fine tune per oscillator and the heart of the synth - four sliders with vibrato effect and 7 different footings available at the same time (32', 16', 8', 4', 2', 1', and 1/2'). There's also a lever called "extend" which is an up-only pitch bend, not unlike the Yamaha CS-01 for example, as well as chorus and delay effect.



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