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EnDiskEx v0.6 Beta - Bulk Extractor for Ensoniq EPS/EPS16+/ASR Sampler Disk Formats - Now Available


Version 0.6 Beta of EnDiskEx, a bulk extractor for Ensoniq EPS/EPS16+/ASR Sampler Disk Formats, is now available for download. It'

EnDiskEx (Ensoniq Disk Extractor) is a command-line tool that automates bulk extraction of files, banks, and (very shortly) songs, from Ensoniq-formatted disk images (RAW, GKH, and EDE) for the EPS/ASR family of samplers. The extracted files are saved as EFE / SMF / TXT files.

EnDiskEx is explicitly aimed at extracting banks for recreation within a different DAW. To do this, it documents as many bank and (again, soon) song settings as it can into text files, saves the linked song to standard MIDI (soon), and extracts all linked instruments and song files as EFE files (There exist a number of pre-existing conversion tools to load/convert these to various software/hardware sampler engine formats). As much of this process is automated as is possible, including tracking down the instrument and song files even if they were saved on another disk. There exists a powerful mapping feature to correct for any errors in this process which has been found to be useful for 'correcting' issues like having saved a bank with files that were in a FlashBank disk, having relabeled a disk after saving a bank with a link to a file on that disk, moving files around on a disk after saving the bank etc.

EnDiskEx has been tested and validated against a variety of RAW, GKH, and EDE images files found on the Internet at one time or another, including but not limited to the ASR factory disks, the EPS 16+ factory disks, and the EPS (classic) factory disks. It also is able to run against the author's own disk library of over 100+ images without any issues.

EnDiskEx is open-source software, written in 100% pure Python (and thus should run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and dozens of other OSes), only requiring an install of Python 2.7.2. EnDiskEx is available under a GPLv3 license.

You can download EnDiskEx from: sourceforge.net/projects/endiskex

Please read the included README for examples of using EnDiskEx.



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