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Excite Audio releases Lifeline Expanse Multi-Effect Plug-in with Intro Offer

Excite Audio

Excite Audio has announced the first release from its new Lifeline series. Lifeline Expanse is a new multi-effect plugin that "creates authenticity and realism by bringing together intricate re-amping techniques within a sleek, modern workflow". Specially made for creative music producers and mixing engineers, Lifeline Expanse enhances digital audio by focusing on contemporary processing techniques rather than vintage-inspired effects. Instantly add 'live' character to dry audio signals with the speaker emulation, saturation, audio resolution reduction, stereo widening and reverb effects modules.

Lifeline Expanse gives additional control and flexibility via its modular signal flow and multi-band functionality. Rearrange the signal chain and blend the effects using each module's main controls or the more detailed individual functions.

The Modules:

  • Re-amp: Replicate Realism: Expanse has a versatile range of speaker emulations to experiment with, ranging from classic recording equipment to modern-day devices. From a Gameboy and vintage 8-track recorder to high definition monitors and an electric guitar cabinet, decades of audio authenticity is ready and waiting. Easily manipulate the age, drive, tone and mix of each element to instantly create live environments in just a few clicks.
  • Dirt: Enhance Harmonics: Dirt's four algorithms instantly add distortion, saturation, aggressive harmonics and noise to any sound you want. Warm your mixes with gentle tape or tube saturation, or add a gritty edge to vocals, guitars, basses, synths and drums.
  • Format: Digital Damage: Every element of Format brings a distinct flavour. Reduce the bit-depth and sample rate, toy with the resolution of the signal's volume peaks, or flood the audio to twist the sound wave into a bubbling, corrupted MP3.
  • Width: Dream in Stereo: Width gives your audio movement, energy and tension by making the most of the stereo field. Access the full spectrum of your audio's potential by using effective, streamlined parameters. Expanse's unique width controls help create vast soundscapes, captivating leads and intimate vocal takes.
  • Space: A New Dimension: Taking inspiration from classic reverb functions, Space focuses on four different algorithms that each offer a wide spectrum of depth and time manipulation. Use Expanse's ultra-flexible Space module early in the signal chain as a reverb effect pedal or place it at the end to create a limitless environment for your instruments to explore.

Pricing & Availability

Lifeline Expanse is exclusively available at Plugin Boutique for an introductory price of £39.95 / €49 / $49 until 17th October 2021, £49.95 / €59 / $59 thereafter.

Lifeline: Expanse Lite is exclusively available at an introductory price of £24.95 / €29 / $29 until 17th October 2021, £29.95 / €39 / $39 thereafter.




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