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Excite Audio updates Motion: Harmonic to v1.0.1 and VISION 4X to v1.1.0

Excite Audio

Excite Audio has updated Motion: Harmonic to v1.0.1 which includes some new features, minor GUI improvements and bug fixes, and VISION 4X to v1.1.0, where you can now create your own reference curves (the update also includes optimisations).

Motion: Harmonic v1.0.1 Changelog:

  • New Features:
    • Speed Points: When points are added to the Timeline, corresponding points are now added to the drawn path, displaying exactly where the changes in cursor speed occur on the drawn path.
    • Clean Mode: When you move your cursor outside of the Motion Harmonic plugin window for an extended period of time, certain parameters are hidden to maintain a clean-looking UI. These parameters will appear again once you move your cursor back inside the Motion Harmonic plugin window.
    • Connect A Path: In Draw mode, paths can now be completed by connecting the last point to the starting point.
    • A new instance of Motion Harmonic now loads with an introductory preset titled 'Welcome to Motion Harmonic'. To clear the preset, select the -Default- preset from the top of the preset browser.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Paths now start playing automatically after loading a preset.
    • Effects mapping settings can now be entered via keyboard by double-clicking the values.
    • Minor UI improvements.
    • Minor bug fixes.

VISION 4X v1.1.0 Changelog:

  • New Feature: Create your own reference curves. To generate, open the Settings panel and go to Reference > User > + Add Curve.
  • New Feature: Hold shift while clicking and dragging the reference curves to move them up and down on the spectrum analyser.
  • New Feature: Flatten the spectrum analyser by clicking the Flatten toggle in the advanced panel.
  • Improved readout performance.
  • Improved dB reading performance for the spectogram.
  • Re-enabled loading default preset from preferences.
  • Improved metering performance.
  • Added start menu shortcut for standalone app in Windows.
  • Reduced audio thread load and improved performance using threading.
  • Updated to JUCE 7.0.5.
  • Fixed issue with metering/goniometer rendering.
  • Fixed listen toggle resetting visualizers.
  • Improved RMS metering accuracy.
  • Added mouse info text for VU meters.
  • Added performance warning (GPU).
  • Added "TAB" key control to open the settings panel.
  • Improved activation server connection when activating the plugin.

The latest versions of Motion: Harmonic and VISION 4X can be downloaded via your Plugin Boutique User Account.



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