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Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.5.6; Samplelord updated to v1.4


W.Grabowski has updated Extreme Sample Converter to v3.5.6 and Samplelord to v1.4.

Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.6 changes:

  • New: Added Level meters added to VSTi/Hardware Converter.
  • New: Added Manual Start, Stop in Hardware Converter. It allows to record samples manually with microphone without MIDI triggering or with MIDI triggering with controlling levels of the length of each sample. This option is located in Hardware Converter's MAIN menu.
  • Fix: Zoom to All didn't work in wave view, Audio Grid option added.
  • Fix: VST plugins were not added to the plugin list when program was first run in Hardware Converter mode.
  • Changed: Method of note audition on zone map in VSTi/Hardware Converter. Right click on map plays note at specified key and velocity, left mouse click is used for selections as before. [SELECT] button used to switch between context menu and audition has been removed so this context menu is available from by clicking on "ZONES" button located on the top of the panel.

Samplelord v1.4 changes:

  • New: Improved Multi-processing v.2 for Intel Quad Core, Intel Dual Core processors and other multi-core platforms.
  • New: Maximum polyphony increased to 2048 stereo voices.
  • Fix: Multi-processing glitches and stability in Cubase Studio 4 with Intel Quad Core processors.


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