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Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.2 and Samplelord v1.3.2 now available


Wlodzimierz Grabowski has updated Extreme Sample Converter to v3.5.2 and Samplelord to v1.3.2.

Extreme Sample Converter v3.5.2 Changes:

  • New: AKAI MPC-Series Sample Import/Export.
  • New: GIG Mod-Wheel Inversion import with exporting to native Samplelord format.
  • Fix: Trigger Release parameter badly converted to Kontakt.
  • Fix: interpretation of Halion Sample End and Sample Length.
  • Fix: buzzing noise with mono audio files after auditioning use.
  • Fix: possible GigaStudio crash after re-editing loops with autoloop feature.
  • Fix: SoundFont 0 bytes bug - ROM samples.
  • Fix: autoloop and loop were not saved to unpaired dimensions of giga.
  • Fix: dimension viewer didn't show repeated dimensions with one zone selected.
  • Fix: item focus on giga sample group.
  • Fix: long sfz sample names crashes during import.
  • Fix: read/write of Sample Start and Sample End parameters with different formats.
  • Fix: trim options didn't work with 24-bit and higher resolutions.
  • Fix: wrong velocity crossfade display on single keys.

Samplelord v1.3.2 Changes:

  • New: GIGA Mod-Wheel Inversion support.
  • New: Feature Smooth Controller Crossfade (used on Mod-Wheel and others). Doesn't produce sharp crossfades with low latencies.
  • New: MIDI Automation... settings. Allows to adjust smooth of Volume, Controller Crossfade or Mod-Wheel Crossfade times.
  • Fix: improved SF2 import with incorrect Sample Type option.
  • Fix: multi reset.
  • Fix: volume dots are no longer removed.
  • Fix: some soundfonts were played mono instead stereo.
  • Fix: multi settings didn't load default values when they were stored also into *.ini file.
  • Fix: browser didn't work after setup reset in the latest releases.


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