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Faber Acoustical updates SignalScope X for iOS to v10.2

Faber Acoustical

Faber Acoustical has updated SignalScope X for iOS to v10.2.

SignalScope X's Pro Tool Set now includes a multi-channel audio file player that can import audio files from your iPhone or iPad's Music Library, or from other apps, like Files and Dropbox. Of course, it can also load local audio files stored within SignalScope X's own document folders, such as those created by the Data Recorder tool.

The new Player tool makes it possible to playback an entire audio file, or a manually selected region of the file, with the option to loop playback indefinitely. This allows for real-time analysis to be performed on the contents of the file with SignalScope X's other tools. So, if you have been looking for a way to analyze your pre-recorded data, the new Player tool is it.

The Player allows for any audio channels present in the loaded file to be assigned to any of the physical output channels of the connected audio hardware. This means, for example, that a single audio file channel can be monitored on multiple physical output channels, or that multiple audio file channels can be monitored on a single physical output channel. During playback, the File Player directly monitors time waveforms and signal levels of the file's audio channels.

The File Player supports AIF, CAF, and WAV audio file formats, although files can be imported from other formats. When an external file is imported, from the Music Library or from another app, the audio data is stored in a local file using one of the three supported audio file formats. Any special metadata embedded in the file by SignalScope X's Data Recorder tool, such as calibration information, can be viewed in the newly enhanced file info display.

Summary of changes:

  • Audio File Player tool. This new tool support multi-channel audio playback and real-time analysis with SignalScope X's analysis tools (up to 8 channels with supporting hardware and multi-channel audio files). Pro Tool Set Subscription required.
  • Corrects a bug which could limit the Signal Generator channel selection to only the first two channels of a multi-channel output device.
  • Corrects a bug which could cause a crash when adding a Recorder to the MultiTool.
  • Corrects a bug which could cause a crash when generating a PDF file for a Recorder embedded in the MultiTool.
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements.


Discussion: Active
25 June 2018 at 3:31pm

Be wary and read the fine print. I don't know if it is written accurately, but the app says you will be charged a subscription as soon as the 7-day free trial ends, unless you have turned off automatic renewal. It purports to tell you how to avoid this, but the "Manage Subscriptions" button inside the app doesn't work and there's nothing in the app itself about automatic renewal.

Instead, if you are on iOS, they direct you to the Apple Store subscription settings. Think you know where those are? Maybe you do, but most people don't, and Faber doesn't really tell you how deep you are going to have to go to find them. You probably are going to have to Google it, unless you commonly manage subscriptions in iPhone apps. Once you navigate to where the subscriptions should be, you will see...SignalScopeX does not show up in the Subscriptions bar of the App Store settings! So, you cannot actually prevent the subscription that way either.

I have a bad feeling that subscription item is going to show up in the App Store settings the day they start charging me, so that I can cancel the second month, but won't be able to do anything about the first month. I hope that's not true, but the obfuscation of how to manage the subscriptions is quite troubling.

I tried it for a day. I don't want it anymore and I certainly am not signing up for a subscription. I'm going to delete the app. Do you think that will prevent the subscription?

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