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Faded Instruments releases Spectral Disturbtion - Chebyshev Distortion Effect

Faded Instruments

Faded Instruments has released Spectral Disturbtion, a multi-band chebyshev polynomial based distortion effect. They say:

Distortion is all about adding harmonics to your sound – that's what gives it bite. Most distortions add odd and/or even harmonics to a signal, but with chebyshev polynomials you can choose specific harmonics – resulting in super weird sounds that exist somewhere between distortion and spooky pitch shifting.

Because its multi-band, you can choose different harmonics and different distortion amounts for the bass, mids, and high frequencies. Its capable of brutal noise, old radio crunch, and can even add weird harmonies to your sound. To make things even more interesting, its got 'SLOO' to slow down parameter changes, and 'BOO', which tangles up the internal routing – making it a little more unpredictable – and way more fun to play.

Price: $16.66.




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