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Fanan team releases AnyImage Encoded and upgrades 11 plug-ins to VST3 for Windows

Fanan Team

Fanan team has released AnyImage Encoded - an image to audio encoder for Windows.

AnyImage Encoded is a bonus VST instrument that doesn't make any sound, but allows an image to audio encoding \ decoding. It uses a complex random algorithm, audio synthesis and audio manipulation to morph image into audio signal. It also generates an AI image messages that based on user's ID number address, which means that only the addressed ID would be able to read the text message.

Key features:

  • HD photo encoding.
  • Selected user's ID number based message targeting.
  • Internal unique password per encoded image.
  • Any selected file extension generator.

Price: $10 for the whole product line, including all the plug-ins. A demo is available at fananteampro.com

Fanan team also upgraded 11 of their plug-ins to VST3:

  • AnyImage Encoded.
  • AnyText Encoded.
  • Clarinetica.
  • Alkamanat.
  • AnyImage.
  • Spacelifter.
  • Orientis.
  • Folkordion.
  • Brassinematic.
  • Sringya.
  • Boo Boom.




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