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Fanan team releases Mini Ringo - Free MIDI Groove Machine

Fanan Team

Fanan team has released Mini Ringo, a free MIDI groove machine based on its bigger brother, Ringo.

Mini Ringo is a MIDI tool that doesn't make any sound itself, but controls other VST instruments in the DAW through MIDI channel sends. It uses the hardware arranger groove approach to play MIDI groove styles by dividing them into variations, just like hardware arrangers do. This grooving method allows users to build their own drum styles and control them instantly with their MIDI keyboards or MIDI pads, even in live sessions.

Ringo drives 10 variations: 3 main variations, 3 fill variations, 2 intros and 2 endings. Each variation can be written separately on its own sequencer piano roll and be controlled by its own unique MIDI key. Its tempo is synced to the DAW. It has a crash generator which allows the user to determine which note is generating a cymbal crash on transitions and has its own MIDI setup section that routes the MIDI out to a specific MIDI channel in the DAW.

Mini Ringo also offers selection of the user's MIDI styles straight from the GUI. Once the user has saved a style in one of Ringo's library folders it will be shown in the style manager.

Key features:

  • 10 separate piano roll editors per style variation (intros, fills, vars and ends).
  • Unique time signature per style.
  • 4 quantize types.
  • Snap and non-snap note dragging.
  • Cymbal crash generator with unique velocity and duration determiner.
  • Style manager.
  • Synced to host tempo with X2 and X1\2 speeds.
  • Hold variation.
  • Full MIDI keyboard control over the variations and the cymbal crash.
  • "Jump to" menu for determining the variation's playing path.
  • Auto crash every x repeats feature.
  • hardware keyboard playing zone determiner.
  • Resizable GUI.


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