Fanan Team

Fanan team has released Playlisted, a playlist player VSTi for Windows.

Playlisted is a playlist player for DAWs, supporting WAV and MP3 file formats (with English names only). It allows the user to run up to 24 songs or samples playlist in manual or automatic (the next song starts automatically right after the previous ended) modes and control the player from the MIDI keyboard. It also saves playlists for future use, sets different volume for each playback and controls the songs switching delay time. Samples can be loaded manually or just dragged and dropped.

Key features:

  • WAV and mp3 MIDI keyboard controlled player with "play", "pause", "stop", restart" features.
  • 24 songs slots.
  • Manual or drag and drop file loader.
  • Save\load playlist preset manager.
  • Continuous play or ad-hoc playlist running.
  • Manual song switching delay determiner.
  • Unique volume knob for each song.
  • Scalable GUI.
  • "Reset all" and "Reload last playlist" feature.

Price: 10$ for the full product line.



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