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Fanan team releases Spacelifter 2 - Free modular echo reverb VST Plugin for Windows

Fanan Team

Fanan team has released Spacelifter 2, a free modular echo reverb VST plugin for Windows.

Spacelifter 2 is a modular space effect concept that combines 6 spacing modules: duration, capacity and echo modules connected in parallel, master modulation effect, side-chaining and a ping pong panning effect for each of the reverb and delay modules.

Key features:

  • Duration reverb module with a "hold" feature.
  • Capacity reverb module.
  • Echo module with syncing to host BPM feature.
  • "Frequency range" feature for each reverb-delay module which applies the wet effect on the selected frequency range.
  • Separate panning for each reverb and delay module.
  • Master modulation.
  • Separate motion panning effect for each reverb and delay module.
  • Master side-chaining effect which mixes the dry and the total wet signal.

Price: Free.



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