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Firelight Technologies releases FMOD v4.30 (FMOD Designer 2010 coming soon)

Firelight Technologies

Firelight Technologies has updated FMOD to v4.30. This new update of the FMOD Ex API and FMOD Designer brings new features and updates. Also in this update, you'll get a preview of the upcoming FMOD Designer 2010 release.

Changes in FMOD v4.30:

  • MP3 License now free on PS3. MP3 support now runs through Sony decoder. No more separate license required for MP3 with FMOD PS3. Also means performance boost and lower overhead.
  • Profiler now lets you see runtime volume levels for each DSP node, per speaker. Display is visualized through vertical volume bars in each node.
  • Added CELT codec support. Celt is supported via FMOD's FSB format as a new encoding format. This format is better than mp3 and uses far less overhead at runtime than Ogg Vorbis.
  • iPhone and PSP speed improvements. Assembler optimized 3GS and PSP mixers.
  • Streams now seek/reflush in FMOD_NONBLOCKING thread instead of the stream decode thread. This has the advantage of not stalling other streams that are playing while the seeking stream flushes. Basically it improves sound stability = less stuttering while seeking.
  • Reduce overall memory usage and DSP effect optimizations (i.e. Delay effect).
  • '3D Speaker spread' feature now supports mono sounds. A mono sound can be spread around the speakers rather than pinpointing a certain speaker location.
  • Wii - greater WiiMote speaker control with new FMOD_Channel_SetControllerSpeakerSubchannel function.
  • Added parameter ramping for DSP Lowpass and DSP Highpass filters to avoid clicking when parameters are suddenly changed.
  • Added DLS cache for MIDI files to reduce memory and increase loading speed.
  • Unicode support for driver names on Windows. See new getDriverInfoW and getRecordDriverInfoW functions added.
  • Many FMOD Designer fixes and GUI improvements.

Coming Designer 2010 update and Unreal 3 Engine integration:

  • The upcoming FMOD Designer 2010 contains new features such as: Improved workflow with event editor now prominently displayed in event hierarchy screen. No more switching between the two.
  • Bulk edit - now multi-selecting events will bring up a fader panel to control many events at once in a familiar mixer layout.
  • Bird's eye view - see all event properties laid out in front of you relatively in a graphical interface. Great for over-viewing hundreds or even thousands of events at once.
  • Unlimited undo/redo support.
  • Deep Unreal 3 integration, Access your Designer generated content in Unreal World Editor/Browser/Script/Kismet/Matinee. See this article for more detailed information.
  • Priority based deferred file I/O support. Programmers can now defer/delay file reads from fmod file callbacks to a later time and continue with game logic. This is a huge win for streaming game engines when the data 'might not be ready yet'.


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