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Five12 updates Numerology SE and Pro to v3.1.1


Five12 has updated Numerology (SE and Pro) to version 3.1.1. This maintenance release includes reduced MIDI transmission latency with the Numerology VST and Audio Unit plug-ins, fixes for issues when loading large projects, various stability improvements, fixes related to OS X Lion, and various other tweaks and improvements.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 54 Fixes & Updates:

  • Launchpad : Fixed a problem where the button commands for shift left/right, invert and randomize where not working.
  • AU & VST : Cleaned up log file generation. Now, if you disable logging in the N3 app, logging will be full disabled in the plug-ins.
  • AU & VST : Fixed a problem when using Program Change messages to trigger stack presets.
  • AudioSample & DrumKit : in both modules, if the sample start position is moved past where the sample is playing, the play tap will be skipped ahead to match.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 53 Fixes & Updates:

  • Fixed a crash related to preset changes.
  • Fixed a problem where the GateGen module was not resetting itself properly when the transport was stopped and restarted.
  • Fixed an issue related to using the Digidesign CoreAudio driver.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing some error messages to not be displayed.
  • When loading a project with AUs that are not available, the module UI for the AudioUnit is now disabled.
  • Note Seqs: Fixed a problem with the base note & octave params and "Copy Value to All Presets".
  • Generate: Fixed a rare condition that could cause a crash.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 52 Fixes & Updates:

  • VST : Fixed a problem with 2048 sample buffer sizes in Ableton Live.
  • VST & AU : Fixed an issue that could occur when changing buffer sizes in the host.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 51 Fixes & Updates:

  • Tweaked the audio setup code to avoid issues with some interface/OS combinations.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 50 Fixes & Updates:

  • Fixed a latency issue with the N3 VST & AU.
  • Fixed an error in the ParamMod module when changing presets where the preset changes the target module but not the target parameter.

Numerology 3.1.1 Build 49 Fixes & Updates:

  • App, Trial Period : Added 'purchase' and 'activate' options when starting up in trial mode.
  • ReWire: Fixed an issue related to loading large projects.
  • ReWire: Fixed an issue when running in Lion.
  • VST: Fixed a problem when opening the editor on a secondary monitor.
  • CV Switches: Fixed an issue where some switches would not 'roll over' properly in "clocked" mode.
  • AU/VST : The "MIDI Out" menu on the routing side of the Stack Out module has been removed -- it didn't do anything.
  • Stacks: Fixed a problem related to deleting a stack whose name is the same as another stack.


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