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Flux releases Alchemist Multi-band Dynamic Processor; updates Solera and Pure Series to v2.0


Flux has announced the release of a new sophisticated multi-band dynamic processor plug-in: Alchemist. Also, Solera, Pure Compressor, Pure DCompressor, Pure Expander, Pure DExpander and Pure Limiter have all been updated to version 2.x (for free) to reflect the very latest improvements of the Flux algorithms.


AlchemistBased on the Flux dynamic processing algorithms, Alchemist features a state-of-the-art IIR cross-over with selectable slopes from 18 dB per octave to 54 dB per octave, with variable corner frequencies. Every band owns a complete dynamic processing section including compressor, expander, de-compressor, de-expander, working in parallel with independent Angel's Share and Hysteresis parameters. A transient processor and a MS controller are also available for each frequency band. The sound can be processed from single broadband to five bands. The whole processing is completed by an adjustable soft knee clipper.

An Auto Delay function allows to produce a zero attack time by introducing a delay line on the processed signal. Angel's Share is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-ratio determined by the signal dynamic and, the manual ratio setting. Hysteresis is the parameter controlling the mix of an auto-threshold determined by the signal dynamic and the manual threshold value.

Angel's Share and Hysteresis are the key features of all Flux dynamic processors because they depend on on the dynamic range content of the signal, and not only on signal levels as standard processors do.

Alchemist is available now in VST, AU and RTAS formats for Windows and Mac OS X priced at €800.

It will be demoed during AES, San Francisco, October 3-5 (Pod 1806).

Solera II

Solera has been improved to reflect the latest evolution of Flux's algorithms which have been enhanced during the development of Alchemist. It now features an external side-chain management. Hysteresis Threshold, Max Hysteresis, Hold, Detection Mode, Dynamic Profile, and a variable knee soft clipper are additional newly implemented features. This major upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.

Pure Series II

All plug-ins in the Pure Series have also been improved to reflect the latest evolution of Flux's algorithms. Now, Pure Compressor, Pure Expander, Pure DCompressor and Pure DExpander all feature an external side-chain management. Hysteresis Threshold, Max Hysteresis, Hold, Detection Mode, Dynamic Profile, MS width Control, and a variable knee soft clipper are, again, newly implemented features. Pure Limiter has been reworked by including the new Dynamic Profile setting. This major upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.

New Controls

All the Flux dynamic processors rely on the level (peak and RMS) detection like products from other companies. But all of Flux's algorithms also use a dynamic value extracted from the input signal. This measurement of the dynamic, when combined with the usual electrical measurement of RMS and peak values, allows deep processing of the sound while keeping a natural character. From the beginning, the Flux processors feature many unusual parameters such as "Angel's Share" and "Hysteresis" which use the measured dynamic value to adjust respectively ratio and threshold.

Many new parameters have been introduced allowing a tighter control of the processing:

  • Hysteresis Threshold: This parameter sets the action range of the Hysteresis parameter.
  • Max Hysteresis: When used, the threshold for the processing is determined by the maximum values from RMS/peak detection OR from the signal dynamic detection, increasing the responsiveness of all related settings.
  • Hold: When used on the Expander section, this setting allows very precise gating of drum tracks. It can also be used for creative purpose on the other dynamic sections.
  • Detection Mode: 8 different detection modes are available:
    1. Solera
    2. Solera Feed Backward
    3. Classic Fast
    4. Classic Medium
    5. Classic Slow
    6. Classic Feed Backward Fast
    7. Classic Feed Backward Medium
    8. Classic Feed Backward Slow
    These Feed Backward modes have been inspired by vintage hardware architectures. They create a sort of auto-regulation of the processing which produces a naturally beefy sound.
  • Dynamic Profile:
    • Solera > almost universal, great for vocals.
    • Beat 1 > hi pitched rhythm material.
    • Beat 2 > low pitched rhythm material, great for bass and bass drum.
    • Beat 3 > high dynamic range rhythm material, great for drums tracks.
    • Beat Average > rhythm material.
    • Max > very versatile and reactive.
    • Average > less sensitive to dynamic variations.
  • MS width Control: The stereo signal can be enlarged by using this control. The stereo sound is converted in Middle, Side modulation. The Side channel gain is adjusted and the signal is converted back in stereo. It's a powerful tool for stereo mastering especially when the channels are unlinked.
  • Variable Knee Soft Clipper: This parameter sets the smoothness of the transmission curve. This can produce a vacuum tube like transfer curve.


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