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Musikmesse 2016FMJ-Software releases Chromatia tuner v4.0 for Windows - Adds VST Versions


FMJ-Software has released version 4.0 of Chromatia tuner. This major update of the instrument tuner software for Windows adds VST-versions, improved usability, better note detection, a scale visualization and more.

What's New:

  • In addition to the standalone version, there are now 32-bit and 64-bit VST versions of Chromatia tuner (all included with the same installer).
  • The options dialog has been replaced by fold-out tabs that do not block the tuning dialog and have reactive controls, i.e. you immediately see the effects of any changes that you make.
  • Improved the note detection and the tuning display stability.
  • Added a visualization of the scale in the spectrum graph.
  • The frequency range of the spectrum graph can now be changed (right click on the graph to select a range).
  • A new spectrum responsiveness vs stability slider in the display options allows you to add a peak hold-time to the spectrum graph.
  • There's a new Tone shape selection in the tuning options, where you can select the wave shape of the tone sound generator. Available selections are sine, square, triangle, sawtooth and beats.
  • Buttons and displays are now a bit taller.
  • Added support for the Heimholtz octave numbering system. To enable it, select Middle C is c' in the tuning options.
  • Added note name selections for transpositions of Bb/Eb/F/Db/A to C.
  • Added two new noise filter selections: Remove frequencies not near and Remove frequencies above.
  • Added an option to use the Railsback piano curve for octave stretching as an alternative to the linear cents / octave stretching option.
  • Improved note detection in the tuning report mode.
  • The tuning report window now has an option to Add a measurement when the note changes.
  • In manual mode, the octave shift buttons are now labeled - and + (keyboard short cuts: PgDn/PgUp), and there's new note shift buttons labeled < and > (keyboard short cuts: -/+).
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with some ASIO drivers.
  • The power and beats buttons as well as the max update rate and power save mode options have been removed in order to simplify the user interface (it is now always on and tries to give you a smooth 60 Hz).

Price: $20 / €18.



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