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Forgotten Keys updates POPS-7 (formerly OxyPops) for Kontakt to v2.1

Forgotten Keys

Forgotten Keys has updated POPS-7 (formerly OxyPops) for Kontakt.

Below are the improvements since version 2:


  • Change instrument name to POPS-7.
  • Add DAW automation of mixer controls.
  • Add ability to change the order of mixer channels.
  • Add switch to show/hide current value while adjusting controls.
  • Allow rhythm start/stop switch to stop MIDI recording and playback.
  • Change GUI width a little to improve look of mixer section.
  • Change voice assignment of each sound to just one so that quick re-triggering sounds more authentic.
  • Change volume slider range to mirror Kontakt instrument volume slider.
  • Improve various graphics and text.
  • Fix tempo not changing when host tempo changes.


  • Change swing knob default value.
  • Fix output menus showing through 'info' window.
  • Fix swing calculation bug.


  • Add dedicated switch for host sync control.
  • Add UI effects switch.
  • Add LED-style volume level meters to mixer channels.
  • Add solo switches to mixer channels.
  • Add swing feature.
  • Allow host sync to respond to DAW transport controls.
  • Improve and fix MIDI file creator.
  • Improve various graphics.
  • Move info switch to sounds tab.
  • Remove in-built help.


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